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Day 12 - Proving them all wrong!

Good morning everyone,

Well here I am on Day 12. Me, on DAY 12!!!

I was always what my friends, family and work colleagues would say was a committed smoker. That I'd never be able to give up. I even found out last night that the guys at work have been running a sweepstake on how long my quit attempt would last. One guy put his guess at 30 minutes which actually looking back at some of my pathetic quit attempts in the past, isn't even that insulting, ha!

The only thing I'm starting to worry about now is that it's becoming a lot easier than the first week. Yesterday breezed by with minimum cravings and I feel really positive about today but I'm just waiting for a horrible day to come and sneak up on me and catch me off guard. It's as if I don't want to be too confident with my quit just in case.....

Have been using some thought techniques when I get a craving though....

A good one for all you ladies out there (works on our vanity, ha) is to think about how your lips and mouth will look if you carry on smoking. Just like a cat's bottom from sucking on the cancer sticks. It's putting me off every time at the minute!

Have a lovely smoke free day everyone xx

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Hi P P :D

Well done on day 12 almost 2 weeks now that's great

Also glad to hear that it's getting easier for you with few craves to cope with

Please try not to worry about a bad day, you may be one of the lucky ones who get very few off them it does happen sometimes fot a lucky few

If you do hit a bad patch though remember how you feel right now how good it feels right this minute and this will help you get through that bad bit

Also well done proving everyone who knows you wrong you can quit indeed





Well done on your 12 days that's great. You may be lucky and not have too much to deal with but enjoy what you get rather than looking for the bad, if it's there it will show you, so save yourself from spoiling a good day while looking for a bad day.

Wishing you many more smoke free days/weeks etc etc.



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