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The big 1 year post!


1 year, eh? 365 days? Hardly seems real.

Huge congratulations to my quit buddy, Shabba, too - also celebrating a year of freedom today.

A whole year of freedom!

I am very grateful to have seen sense after 22 years, but more than that I am grateful to have the education and the mindset to know for sure that I don't want or need to smoke... to be able to trust the decision I made 375 days ago when I picked up a prescription for Champix and took the first tablet hoping for a miracle.

Of course the miracle I was hoping for never came. Champix helped me a lot, of that I have no doubt - but it was stumbling upon this place that made this quit. The advice of those people already here and winning in their battle against nicotine addiction.

That advice was quite simple really - education is what matters.

This post describes my personal moment of realisation - . This forum, and the friends I have made here, is another thing in the long list of things that I am grateful for.

Some people will say, as I have said to others, that because I have now completed a year quit I am some kind of inspiration. After all, I look up to others who have been quit for a long time and use them as my inspiration. However, apart from knowing my own addiction and the reasons why I smoked there is only one difference between me now and me on day 1....

That difference? Practice.

At first, the same as anything else you don't know how to do, not smoking comes hard for a nicotine addict. We crave hard and it's really difficult to get past each one. As each day goes past it gets just a little easier.... It's to do with association - and as smokers, almost everything we do is associated with smoking.... and as you deal with each one, it gets easier next time.

The problem comes when you think you have it licked. Day to day life is easy. It feels great, you feel fitter and it is starting to get hard to even remember smoking at times (those in the first couple of months won't believe that, but it's true!). Then, all of a sudden and without warning, you encounter a situation which you haven't dealt with as a non smoker before and it's really hard again - you don't think you can do it, and you don't even know why.

However, if you choose not to smoke to each and every situation, whether it's on day 1 or day 301, the next time you encounter that situation it will be a bit easier.

Eventually, after repeatedly making a conscious effort not to smoke over and over again, you will not be surprised to learn that it starts to become automatic. Like riding a bike or driving a car.... you know how to do it without

concentrating on it.

Me, you, all those who still smoke can quit and stay quit - there is no one who can't. All you have to do is want to badly enough to invest the time and effort to learn. And to invest the time and effort to refuse to smoke in response to each trigger in the certain knowledge that it will be easier next time.

Worth the effort? Oh yes!


Oh yea, one other thing - while I am here ;)

For the first few months of my quit, I always added the following line to all of my milestone celebration posts....

*Does a little dance*

This was picked up on and I was bullied (by NicFirth - the evil little man!) into agreeing that when I celebrated 1 year clean, 365 days with not a single puff I would video my little dance and put it on the internet for all to see. I hope you're not expecting much.... if you are, you will be dissapointed!

*Does a little dance*

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Ooooo.... I get to be the first to congratulate you, Stuart!! And the best dance it was, too..... what a dance :) Congratulations Stuart...... welcome to the penthouse (whatever that means!) You have done great, you have been an inspiration, and you've beat this addiction..... Nice going, you. Enjoy this tremendously huge milestone :D Love, Bella!

Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Massive Congraulations Stuart H

Practice makes Perfect:)

The little dance really kicks in with 15 secs to go:eek:

Quality effort I enjoyed that

To all you new quitters reading this take some inspiration and


Hi Stuart,

Congratulations on your ONE year quit

We are enormously proud of you and your endurance.

The little dance is great well done to you and to little Alex you make great dance partners

Love Mum and Stephen xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks a lot Bella, Tomatpots and Mum and Stephen.

Tomatpots, you already know - but I can't tell you how good it feels to pass the one year mark.



Congratulations on reaching 1 year. There was never any doubt that you would do it. Fantastic.

Welcome to the Penthouse.

Thanks for the dance - it was worth waiting for :D:D:D

Doesn't it feel great to be here.



P.S. Congrats to Shabba too.:D

Bloody brilliant Stuart. An achievement that we should all try to emulate, and, after reading posts from you, Nic and Tomatpots to name just a few, if we really want it, you lot prove that we can have it. I want it, and without seeming to wish my life away I'll be glad when I can do that dance (Loved you both) after my first year. Well done Stuart. David.



Glad you made!!!!!

Well done.

I said from the start that you were a stubborn bu66er :eek: and that stubborness, coupled with education has helped you to make it.

i Liked the litte dance too. I only hung around this forum to see that!!!!!!!


Also well done to Shabba!!!

Bernie, David and John - thanks a lot for the replies, they mean a lot as always.

John, Stubbornness helps - but it's the education that gives you the "I will not fail" mentality, as I know you will agree.

Once you have the understanding - there is no option. There is no other choice - never another puff. That doesn't mean that it's easy - but it does mean that it feels so much more important.... and nothing worth doing is ever easy, is it?

Have to put my stamp on your thread StuH!!! Well done babes you have been a fabulous quit buddy, so pleased for you

and yes it does feel great xxxxx

Have to put my stamp on your thread StuH!!! Well done babes you have been a fabulous quit buddy, so pleased for you

and yes it does feel great xxxxx

Cheers, Gorgeous :)

Been a pleasure to quit with you :D

Race you to 2 years?


Had to come and give you a BIG congrats from me you know you are one of my heros. Bet your mum is so proud today I would be if you was one of my sons. Lovely dance from you and your little man hes lovely. Must go grand daughter is nagging for pc. Have a great day. Love Linda. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


What an inspiration!, Thanks for your words of wisdom, I am hanging on to your everyword, I cant wait to be celebrating my 1st year too!!

Well done you xxx

Linda - your absolute refusal to quit quitting despite everything life could throw at you is enough inspiration for everyone. I'm really looking forward to seeing you here. Thank you.

FayRay - It's really not as hard as it seems, keep it going and you WILL get here.

Chrissie, Thanks so much. Yes, my biggest reason (amongst hundreds of very valid reasons) for quitting was helping me to celebrate. Life is really good sometimes, isn't it?


Excellent news you've got to this fantastic landmark...well deserved.

Can I also say that you have given first class support here to numerous quitters and you as well as Nic should be recognised for that by NSD.

See you've got yourself comfy with the turbo trainer in the corner :D

Whahey! What a fab little dance-made me smile!

I love to see people reach the one year mark, if you can do it so can i!

oh very very nice!!!! 1 year and a massive big two fingered salute to the tobacco companies and governments to put them straight..

YOU DON'T NEED THEM NO MORE!!! and the moneys in your backpocket and not theirs!!


Thank you cav, Jude and Jase....

Cav... Spending time on this forum helping others was my own way of helping myself. While it felt good to have a small impact on others along the way, it was selfishness really.

But thanks anyway, it's always nice to be appreciated.

Funny you should mention money, Jase...

At 5 months, I bought a nice road bike as a reward for myself - a beautiful Aluminium and Carbon affair.

At 12 months? I just bought a nice new laptop.

And that's less than 1/2 the money I've saved by not smoking.

Now, what to do with the other 1/2? :D

Stuart, Congratulation on your 1 year milestone! I never doubted that you would do it. Enjoyed your dance and your dance partner is so cute! Enjoy your victory and celebrate! Thank you for all the time and advise you have given the people of this forum. You always say it was selfish on your part, wish more people were selfish then, because your words have helped many. Thanks again. Jody

Brilliant Stuart, you deserve to feel great a year is magnificant. What a beautiful little boy who lives in a smoke free home.

Wishing you many more years.


Thanks Jody and Jackie, kind words from both of you.

What a beautiful little boy who lives in a smoke free home.

That's the whole point isn't it? Safeguarding my future.

Congratulations & loving the video!

I had a craving day today and just signed on for some inspiration and yours was the first post I read and I feel better already!



NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome to the Penthouse Stu

and congrats on an errrrr......


Your success is richly deserved. You've said in the past that I've at points helped you and I'm proud that I was able to help but I can assure you that you have returned the favour many times.

Well done

The Evil Little Man

Thanks Nogard and Nic,

Kind words from you both - I found very early on that writing down how I was feeling helped me to get through the bad times and to feel good when it was going well.

Giving advice helped me by concentrating my mind on what I had to do.

It really was selfishness - but if I helped along the way, that's fantastic and I'm only too happy to have done so :)

Never had a doubt you'd make it to the penthouse, enjoy the view and congratulations on the 1 year of no smoking. A real achievement - ruddy well done.

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Fantastic stuff Stuart. Huge congratulations on reaching the penthouse. You have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure to so many others too. just brilliant.


Thanks MAH, Deke and Caroline.

I won't tell you the plans for 2 years.... but it involves a Mankini, a 6ft sword and some baby oil :eek:

Congratulations Stuart on passing the 1 year mark and reaching the penthouse :)


Many congratulations on reaching your year. I used to be on here about 2 years ago. I applaud you (loved the video) and you have a great little boy. Good luck and best wishes for the next coming year.

Stay strong

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

thanks Michael.

Pupalup, I have seen you on here before - and read some of your older posts.

Thanks for the post :)


You really have been - and you continue to be - a real inspiration on here. You have helped loads of us with your positive and encouraging posts.

I never doubted that you'd get to the penthouse - now just make sure that you and Shabba keep the place looking tidy! There are quite a few of us following you and will soon be knocking on the door:D

You did it!

Well done Stuart-I never doubted you would make it.

Just want to add my thanks to the rest on here-you have been a real inspiration to me and many others.

As jerry-lee says, keep the penthouse tidy now-just 22 days until I'll be ringing the bell! Actually-got any architects and/or builders in there? With the amount of quitters following in your footsteps we may need an extension very soon!

Thanks ladies (?) :p

The extension is quite a good idea, I don't think we have a cinema yet.... at least I haven't found it.

Too busy at the bar by the pool :D

Popsiesgirl.... is it really only 3 weeks for you? Awesome.

I'll save you a spot at the bar.... :D

Big congratulations Stuart - and thanks for all the support you give us all still following your blazened trail! :)

Bloody well done Stu!

I am truly pleased for you. Thanks for all your friendly banter and inspiring posts. I am very, very, impressed with your jive too, though your son is a bit better I am afraid to report. :p

Cheers, Bman and about time you showed up, Miss Fiona. :p

Yep, outshone by a 3 year old eh?

He may be the better dancer, but I'm much cuter :D


In a tiswas dying fly kind of gregorys girl fashion? maybe.

Anyway, full respect to a man who promises and fulfills that promise. I am most impressed, you have brightened up my day! xx

Congratulations :):):) x


In a tiswas dying fly kind of gregorys girl fashion? maybe.

lol - nice, thanks :rolleyes:

you have brightened up my day! xx

Happy to oblige.

And thank you, Zolat :)

Congratulations Stuart on 1 year ++++

Oh my, i have missed a few people reaching the Penthouse.

Huge well done Stuart!! Always knew you would get there :)

Loving the dance your....little boy is so so cute, you are an inspirational Daddy!

Thanks also for making my quit that little bit more sound with the advise and encouragment along the way.

Good on you, and i hope you have many more years ahead of you!!



Thanks Dubbs and Denise :D

:D1 year is totally awesome Stu. Massive well done in making the penthouse.

Also all the support you have shown others on this site deserves congrats so it's double CONGRATULATIONS from me.

So glad you made it.

Keep doing what your doing mate, It's working:D

Thanks bobross :D

Don't worry, I'm not about to stop now ;)

Bit late - but


Well Done:D


I came back JUST FOR YOUR DANCE never mind my own 1 year date.

Not a dissapointment at all :cool:

It's been said by others before me but really people like you and Nik really helped me though the horrible first days when I got out of hospital. Even being back on this site is emotional. I used to cry at how horrible it all was being sick and then not not having the smokes. I cannot get over how I have changed as a person in the last year I'm told.


Thanks to one and all.... Thanks F2Q, good to see you and glad you enjoyed it ;)

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