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New Start

Hi Guys

Firstly Cinders - well done you are doing great. I wasnt going to come on again felt ashamed as I quit quitting last night on day two!!

Ive realised that I think I need soe NRT to take the edge off. I am working towards a new quit date which will be Monday coming up. I am going to try the lozenges. I hope Im still ok to post on here even though I am going to be smoking until monday morning.

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Oh, I was really worried for you... never mind.. you know you need lozenges for your next attempt!! So its all positive!!

I would say keep posting... its all good for preparation!

Am struggling today... cant see myself through the weekend!! Am in the frame of mind where smoking seems nicer than not!!! Terrible business!



Well coming down the wrong side of a freshly failed attempt, believe me, it really dont feel better. My one tip would be (hypocritical I know) if you can say to yourself in an evening, especially if drinking, if I still want one tomorrow morning Ill have one, and I guarantee you will be glad you abstained and that you probably wont want that one the next morning.


Thats fab advice!!

Thank you...

Im out Saturday too... (didnt want to hyjack your thread and be like the female version of you) so wish me luck!



Go for it!

That advice comes from what worked for me last time I managed a couple of months smoke free. You do feel immensly proud the next day.

By the way - does anyone reading this have experience of using the lonzenges? Do they work taking the edge off?


To be honest after reading the pros and cons of the lozenges, I think I am going to try and go CT. reading other members testimonies there are many people on here who smoked more and for longer than I have who have quit CT, so I will use their strength to draw my strength from.


MrVirginia, Hi, and welcome to the forum. Sorry you lost your quit on day 2. CT was the only way I could go, but not for everyone. It took me 2 weeks to prepare myself (phsyc myself up) for the quit after I decided to quit! I smoked 30 a day for 35 years. It really wasn't as hard as I feared. Reading all the links below that I got from others here on the forum really helped and constantly reading this forum and posting helped too. I read the links from start to finish. Everything! This takes a lot of time, but I wasn't smoking while I did the reading as in my house you can't smoke outside the smoking room and the computer isn't in the smoking room. I also drank about six 16 oz glasses of water a day. Don't know why, but this helped too. I made a list of the pros and cons of smoking. Needless to say, there where no pros just fears of quitting like weight gain(worry about that later), fear of failure(I decided I would just try again), what would I do with myself(computer, housework, TV, walking, etc.) Took care of all my fears and then decided ok, I'm ready now! Never took another puff. You can do this. Remember, after the first 72 hours the nicotine will be out of your system. Then it's all mind games, and you can face those. My way was a little odd, see tips about 7 months ago. I'd wish you good luck, but luck has nothing to do with this. Get a good mind set and you'll do fine. And don't forget to read, read, read!!!


Hi MrVirginia :)

Well done deciding to quit again on Monday and it's fine to kepp posting and reading until then even if you're smoking the reading will really help to get the mind set right

I see you've decided to probably go CT but if you still want to know about Lozenges why not PM NicFirth I know he used them and also feel sure he won't mind you asking about them

Hi Cinders :)

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling today but hope you feel better tomorrow

I know lots find the weekends difficult at first but please try and get through keep busy, walk yell cream whatever it takes and you'll be so proud of yourself Promise

I know that just now it may seem easier just to smoke again but believe me you'll be so mad and disappointed with yourself if you do read the post's on here or click in our signatures there is loads of stuff out there to help you through this and I promise you it really does get easier for you very soon

Love to you both



Hi Mr.V,

Don't feel down about this quit attempt. I bet there's not a single one of us on this forum that is on their first quit. I've tried hundreds of times over the years but this is the longest that I have ever been quit for. I think you just need to get yourself in a good state mentally and really feel ready to quit. Only you, and you alone can decide when you are ready.

As for the lozenges, I haven't tried those but I am using the patches and nicotine gum. They really do take the edge off. Although your body is still getting nicotine, NRT means that you are breaking the physical habit of smoking first.

Good luck for Monday, and don't give up giving up xx


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