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Work!! i'm lost!

Hi all!!!,

Once again i have been very absent and am kicking myself as i miss my cyba family that have helped me soo very much.

Anyhow, still off the cigg's and i'm feeling super!!!!!!!!! truly, it's heaven!. I wont hide that i have my moments but,, i havn't gone back and that's what counts!.

How are you all doing.?? I have just signed up to another 'non-smoker's' site as i would like to share with more and more people this concept.

I'll be intouch and if ever it interest's anyone... the site is called 'toby quitter'

Bye bye for now

mimi x

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Well good luck. I had to check the TQ site to find out when you began your quit as couldn't find a post on this forum. (or i missed it)

Last i saw was when you posted this:

so you must have begun your quit not long after. I remember posting a massive reply or two to you but never knew if any of it helped. But then i type far too much anyway.

If i remember the web url i'll check there now n again, but doubt i'll create an account, the forum structure leaves alot to be desired.. with the most advanced forum being '1 month and after' i could see that forum making your posts get lost in a vast sea of other posts.

So good luck again, i hope the folk on TQ are nice folk.



Hello Jase!!,

Yep it's been a while!!! say no more, that's work for ya i guess. I got your mails and kind words... it's just that i couldn't reply arhhhhh. But i'm back as it's calmer now.

Yeah, i was off line ealier on as i needed some nosh but an back on if you wonna take a look and a chat.

Hope you well and take care

mimi x


i had a lookie at the site.. its ok n stuff, but not my cup of tea.

its too colourful for when i'm at work, i'd never get away with that looking like its business orientated.. forums are a bit different. :)

Anyway, i'm on this forum now and i really like the folk here.


and we like u too Jase.




I like my routine, can't be using too many sites, i'd never get anything else done :)


I just checked there now...

i would find this a bit worrying if i really needed some help from fellow forum users:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/users/tobyquit/incs/functions.php on line 48

If you hit a major crisis and all it would have took was the right reply on the forum .. an error like that would be horrendous.


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