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Day 10 - Teeth and floorboards

Good morning everyone,

I'm trying to everyday take a positive approach to my quit and find a a benefit (no matter how small) to keep me motivated. Today my benefit is my teeth....

Even after 10 days I have noticed that my teeth are less stained and a little bit whiter....but not only that I don't feel the need to have to brush my teeth the minute I wake up.

As a smoker I would always have that horrible feeling in my mouth first thing in the morning. The disgusting fur on my teeth and the stench of the umpteen fags I had smoked the night before. I guess I just feel cleaner.

Day 9 was a tester though.....went shopping with my mother ha....and boy can she shop for Britain but she has never smoked. It was lovely to be able to sit and have a coffee with her and not have to nip outside for a fag and not to have to put up with her telling me i stink of fags all day ha.

BUT....the evening was tough. My bf and I were doing some jobs at home and moving some stuff about. I ended up putting my foot through the loft and now have a lovely big hole in my kitchen ceiling. In the past I would have reached for a ciggie but am proud to say that I still have not touched a cigarette since 31st August. Oh and the bf is back on the patches too completely of his own accord - result!!

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Positivity is incredibly important, and it is really great that you are noticing differences already.

Teeth were one of the first I noticed, I always brushed my teeth twice a day and that didn't change - but all of a sudden my mouth looked and felt so much cleaner. Wonderful.

I had white teeth and pink gums and tongue all that time..... who knew?

Fingers too, after a couple of weeks it suddenly dawned on my that my fingers no longer smelt of smoke or had yellow stains on them.... and I didn't need to wash them before I touched anything I didn't want to smell or taste of smoke.

It's great, isn't it?



Nice to hear your BF is back on the plan. That will make things so much easier for you!

Well done, and especially well done for surviving a shopping trip too. They can be stressful, particularly if you are not buying much for yourself.

I'm not a great shopping partner, i'm like that guy on the mcdonalds advert where she's saying 'what do you think?' and all the while i'm looking out of the shop hoping to be able to go to game, or hmv or whatnot ;)

You'll keep noticing some improvement as time goes on, and all it takes is for you to stick at it.

Just keep this thought in mind while your quitting though


Life will always present you stress its how you deal with it that counts. So if you do have stress in life, look for other ways to deal with it than the way you would have before.. you'd be surprised at the results.


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