No Smoking Day
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Just having a little party

so here i am, and after yesterday's moment ;) i feel fantastic, i can safely say i have never felt fantastic during a quit and now i do. i know i will never ever have a fag again, don't ask me how i know that i just do.

i was talking to my OH last night about my moment, and it sounded really weird, he is a non smoker, a never smoker, and as i was saying "why would i want a fag it makes no sense" he gave me a strange look as if to say well yeh. he could never understand why i would smoke and now neither can i.

just finished my lunch and now in the beautiful sunshine i will take my dog for a long walk and admire the wonderful views from up here in the middle of nowhere.

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sounds like you've had a vision of the 'so much more' :)

its a good thing to get that focus bev.. its as though you've been given a chance to see things more clearly.. and wow isn't it great :)

Enjoy your walk with the dog, and do take plenty of stops for a breath of uninterrrupted fresh air. its good to be alive!!


So glad you had your moment, Im sill waiting for mine, feel ok but cant wait till I get that feeling :)

Big hugs and well done :)


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