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omg it is a week

It is one week today for me, wow this is amazing going CT this time and though it is hard, feel lots better this time round. My moods are weird I go from feeling so calm and relaxed to panic like butterflies in my stomach and wanting to run and buy cigs. Dont go long without thinking about the bloody things but I am coping in my own way. I pray that this is it for me and it can only get better.

Hugs to everyone x

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Well done us. I have to admit this seems to have gone quicker than my previous quits. So glad to hear you are coping, don't know if you saw my post from yesterday but i had my lightbulb moment and i now know for sure that i will never have another fag, it was v strange but fantastic.

Looking forward to travelling up this ladder of freedom with you.


Bev your post made me smile tons :).. getting a moment of 'clarity' like that is powerful and is such a welcome boost.

I need one of those today.. 'aving a bit of a day today.. but hearing the birds in the trees outside was a reminder that summer isn't quite gone yet :)

Good luck you two, i wish you all the very best in your quits.




Gosh how time flies Mel!

I am so proud of you getting through your first week. Your now travelling through your second & I look forward to seeing your 2 week post!!

Love Gaynor xxx


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