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wake up and smell the coffee!!

Good morning everyone,

And what a beautiful, sunny, smoke free day it is. In a much better mood than yesterday morning. I survived Day 8 and boy it was tough....that's been the hardest day I've had so far. I knew a day like that must have been coming as my Day 3 passed by without incident (the flu was my main priority then ha).

My cold sores are even worse today, but hey ho thank god for being a woman, make-up is fantastic stuff!!!

Anyway, my ramblings do have a point. Something wonderful happened this morning. I was putting the kettle on to boil and as i opened the coffee jar I could smell this intoxicating aroma....that's right I COULD SMELL my coffee!!! As i dipped the spoon in and pulled out a heap of the lovely brown stuff, the smell got even stronger. As i poured the warm water into the mug, the vapours travelled up my nose and actually made me exhale, "Mmmmmm" out loud.

Can you believe that the whole of my adult life, I have never, ever until this moment really known what coffee smells like. Now I can't wait till my TASTE comes back!!

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and it does!! quicker than you think.. it will suddenly hit you just as getting your sense of smell back in order.. it will :)

You'll be able to taste subtle tastes in foods, and you'll like that too!

Well done on getting through a tough day.. Keep going , the benefits of quitting will keep on getting better and better.

Always be mindful of some days being worse than others.. it doesn't just stay good every day.. some days are a bit grrrr.. others are then nice.. just taking your quit a day at a time.. and dealing with things as they present themselves is the way to go.

For now and today though? ENJOY YOUR COFFEE!!!!! I like coffee, but i've been drinking it a bit less lately, i don't need to quite as much.. strange for me that.. but thats how it goes :)


Hi Penquin power :D

So pleased you got through day 8 and that today is easier for you

Glad your sense of smell is back and very soon the taste will also return for you

The benefits just keep getting better all the time




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