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6 WEEKS 3days

Hi All

Im still here surprisingly , have'nt been able to post but i have'nt touched a cig yet , im on the smaller patches now, 14 mg and 2 catridges a day with my inhalor, did'nt find much off a difference going from 21mg down to 14 mg in patches although some days the cravings bad i just up my catridges to 4 max , ive saved alot of money , money that i would have spent on cigs , my goal is still to get another car , when im down or feeling like a cig i look at the picture of the car im wanting and see what im going to loose if i light up , it was good to read the posts and see alot of names there that are still stopped and that gives you a big boost , well done

all the best


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well done!

Hi rab,

Well done on continuing not to smoke - it gets easier but sometimes it still takes some willpower not to eh?

I'm just ahead of you 7 weeks today - so it's nice to see us both still hanging in there.

Hope you continue and get that car!




Aye still going, and glad you are too.

I got a new car last week finally, and the difference it makes to drive around in a car that runs better and has never been smoked in makes it worth every day you quit.

If I wasn't totally convinced that i am quit for keeps now, i would have got my old car repaired.. but no.. newer car, and new way of going about life.

it works.. and it doesn't harm to have dreams of what you intend to get either.. worth every moment thinking on it.

Keep going... best of luck



Congrats on the new car and the continued quit Jase! You're 11 days ahead of me so let's both keep going in our cautious "let's hope we stay stopped" way he he

One of my friends started smoking again on day 50 of her quit poor thing. She was part of my inspiration to stop so I'll be supporting her if she tries again! It also served to remind me that we can never let our guard down. Long as we remember that we'll be fine



ahh that reminds me, there is a chap in work (not the chap who i know that quit in may), but another one who quit 2-3 week after me, and i've not pestered him to see how he was getting on as he's not one for chit-chat alot of the time, but i knew he'd quit, so i asked him today as when i went out the back door to go sit in the garden and relax for 10 mins.. i saw him walking kinda towards the smoke shelter..

i had to ask.. i feared the worst and true enough he'd crumbled. I was gutted for him in honesty.. so i made a point of telling him that he would quit again and quit again soon, and wished him luck for the next one.

Makes you realise how easy it is to fail, he seemed so confident about 3 weeks back too :/

Really do hope he goes for it again though, he's got a little young baby too, and that really it a major reason why he quit this time.


Aw yeah lets hope he manages to stop again! It's weird ain't it that some people stop for a long while and then start again. I think it's down to personal stopping skills once you get past the much coached 10 day quitting mark.

People starting again serves as a reminder to all us quitters that we must hang on in there and try our best to stay stopped!



Hi Rab

6 1/2 weeks is great well done you Big Hug


Marg xxxxxx


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