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Just had a moment

i have quit several times now, but never ever before i have experienced what just happened.

i was sitting here at the computer doing, ya know stuff, and i suddenly realised i didn't want a fag, that that is not all that new but what i now know is that i will never have another one, i just don't want another one, i don't want one after dinner, or with white wine, or in the car, or 1st thing inthe morning, my God why would i?

i feel really quite odd. like someone has got inside my head and wired it up differently.

i can assure u i have not been drinking or taking anything strange i just feel different.

all that said i can't confirm that i will never ever want a fag again, just that i will never have one, i say again why would I?

This i now get is a head thing, i know, i know you have all been telling me that for months, but now i get it. having a fag is not just stupid it is pointless. burning money to killing myself, make myself smell and encourge my kids to smoke in the future.

right i have to go and pick up the kids now, but i will be back later to let u know how it's going.


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Congratulations - you just had the moment.

I had it at around 2 weeks and I suddenly just knew I would never smoke again.

Doesn't mean the road ahead is going to be smooth - far from it at times.

But knowing in your own mind that a smoke is not going to help in any way is the biggest part of the battle.

Good for you! :D


Hi Bev,

I've read many times on this forum, and elsewhere too, that for a quit to be successful you need to "get your head right". Well, it sounds to me as if that's maybe what you have experienced today. A realisation that this is it, combined with a determination and plenty of motivating factors and you're on your way. It may be tough at times, but those things will help you through.

All the best



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