Day 5 - Interesting symptoms!

Morning all,

Well, I felt a lot better yesterday than I've felt since quitting, and today I feel proper better :) Aside from my current random collection of symptoms!! Haha

I still have a tingly nose... think that's just the nasty stuff getting out of my blood stream. Today's fun one is the snotty nose from hell. I swear there's old cigarette gunk coming out of my nose... I know TMI! It's really helping though, to be able to see exactly what was going into my poor body, and to know it's healing.

I used 2 cartridges for an inhalator over the weekend (better than doing time for murder!) but am on day 2 of proper cold turkey now. If I just stay away from smokers for the next 10 years or so, I'm sure I'll be just fine! LOL

Jane xxx

3 Replies

  • With an attitude like that Jane how can you fail. Seeing how you are after five days has certainly brightened my day, thanks. David

  • Good on you Jane ...the first few days are the only gets better from here....good luck:D

  • It's always great when you can see and feel the difference as your quitting.. its worth putting up with any cold-like symptoms and when you reach a clear point where you just feel fine, you feel better than fine, its like an on-top-of the world feeling!

    Nice one!


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