Back to week 3...........lovely

Well I'm back in week 3 .............was all excited when I realised I had made it here then remembered what week 3 was like last time :eek:

Think this quit has been the hardest with the lack of sleep and the dreaded cravings but if anything it has made me more determined than ever.

This will definitely be the last time I do week 3............and I am looking forward to a week from today being at month 1 :D

Love Carol


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  • Well done Carol, you have struggled a bit haven't you, that's why you're still here though, you've kept on struggling and not given in. Keep it up love and you'll get there in the end. David xxx

  • Thanks david :)

    I know it seems stupid but being harder this time seems to have made me more determined. Just a stubborn woman I guess :D

    Love Carol xx

  • huge congrats on getting to this point.. I hope you do well this week too, all the signs are there.. determination, stubbornness :) perfect state of mind to use as your defense :)

    Keep going like this i say!


  • Hi Carol :D

    Well done you back in week 3 that's great Huge Hug just for you

    Sorry you're poorly with a rotten cold and hope you feel better very soon


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • You can do it Carol being stubborn is just what's needed, read plenty and distract yourself.


  • Thanks Chrissie I'll have fun on that when I feeling better.............not now though.

    Never had a rotten cold like this.............slept all day yesterday doped up on cold tablets :D One good thing is that I know if I was still smoking by now I would have bronchitis and be struggling to get breath. So although i am feeling really bad, no doctors have had to be called or NHS getting a phone call during the night (which has happened in the past) and for that reason I am sooooo glad I have stopped smoking.

    Day 18 today (I think) and I'm off to steam my head and climb back under my duvet :)

    Love Carol


  • Hi Carol :)

    Sorry you're feeling so rough with a rotten cold and hope you soon feel much better

    Well done on day 18 almost 3 weeks now Big Hug for you



    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :)

    Not really sure what to do with her as yet but I have a bottle of Whisky or Brandy in the cupboard which may drown that cold and the demons as well with any luck

    You think that might help at all if she's drumk enough maybe she'll sleep and sweat this awful cold out of her system



  • Think not week 3 carol.. i heard about week 3, feared it for a lil bit.. then found it was ok.. in fact it was only my monday (goddamn i hate mondays!!!), that actually sucked that week :)

  • Hi Carol

    Sorry to hear you have the flu and wish you a speedy recovery

    Well done on day 20/21

    Love and a Hug

    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hope you get over this flu soon. Flu's no fun, but get well soon :)

  • well done carol in getting to the 3 weeks woo hoo knew you could do it & hope you feel better soon x

  • BIG congrats Carol on making it to WEEK THREE :D

    I hope you feeling v.proud! Keep up all your hard work.

    Love Caroline x

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