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Day 5

Hi all, if anyone else on Day 5 and needing a buddy to chat to?

I smoked my last on 2nd September and have not looked back since.

I have a terrible cough, especially first thing and am coughing up manky yellow stuff which is so cute lmao! Not!

No real cravings yet, waiting for them to come along.

I smoked 10 cigs a day since I was about 15 years old. I am now 24 with 2 beautiful young children.

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Hi beckiy :)

Well done you day 5 is good almost a full week now keep it up

Coughing and bringing up that gunk is normal for lots on here although I never had it

It is just your lungs clearing htemselves and it will pass

Below is my standard welcome and advice post which I try and give all new memebrs

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK




I'm on Day 7 but Day 5 wasn't that long ago so i remember it well ha. Have only just started to feel human again after a touch of flu (which defo helped me quit) but I too have been coughing up some wonderfully luminous phlegm (it's all part of the healing process so I hear and it means your body is repairing all the damage you've done)

Stick with it!!!

Just think in 2 days you will have done a week.....How awesome is that??


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