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Right afternoon evening

Felt a bit stroppy late this morning but stood outside and took a few deep breaths, my son and gf turned up for sunday dinner with my grand daughter when they came to pick up Luke, so there was 6 of us for dinner, which went fine though I didnt eat much as didnt feel that hungry prob this cold. When they had gone cleared up, Mark was quiet then he shouted at the dog, I got upset (why dunno) so went to bed and slept for two hours, when I got up I just kept crying so I kept going though to the bathroom to have a sob. Then decided to fall out with Mark and give him a few home truths while I was in the mood. Anyway it did us both good, we played one of the games my son bought me had a right laugh and even the dog was running around full off beans in the end. So i am off to bed in a min feeling glad a I had a cry and a moan cos sometimes it is good to get it out ;)

Mark is off work tomorrow we are at the hosp to get his breathing machine thing for his sleep apnea then solicitors, and between that got to fit mums stuff in so it will prob be late before I can log in tomorrow, so I will wish everyone the best and catch up with everyone later tomorrow

Hugs x

ps sorry if most of that dont make sense my brain is mush today :o

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Hi trendy well done u, i do agree it is very very good to let things out, clears the air & creates a much better atmosphere(we had one of them moments the other week)...Youre still not smoking & cooked for 6, now that what i call a stress!!! x

being nosey but i think my OH suffers from that sleep apnea? he snores terribly but kind of as if he stops breathing in the night at quite regular intervals n a great big snort & starts breathing again, he went docs with it a while back, was being referred to a clinic but nothing come of it? how did u go about it? tell me to get lost if being too nosey xx

anyway how many days you on now? :)


Heya Trendy,

Must say I can totally relate to what you have posted - day 4&5 I was v.emotional for no aparent reason & cried alot. But it seemed to help so much and I felt better for it afterwards.

Your doing v.well with your quit Trendy - keep up all the hard work && be v.proud of yourself :D

Speak soon,

Caroline x


Complete Admiration!!!

I am in complete awe of you, quitting smoking, feeling low and still cooking up a storm for 6!! Im finding it hard cooking for the 4 of us lol!

You should be so proud of yourself, you should let your emotions out, its a lot better than bottling them up, getting stressed and that slippng up.

Well done you, you are a star!! xx :)


Hi Mel

Sorry yesterday was tough for you but glad you felt better b y bedtime




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