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Creeping into DAY SIX

Hiya everyone - Hope all are well?

I haven’t been on the last few days so just wanted to give an update. So I've just entered day six & have to say I'm very pleased with myself :D

Have had to keep away from the forum for a while as day 3, 4 & part of 5 were a complete nightmare for me - If I had posted during one of these days especially day 4, it would have been a 20-something page rant. I found them incredibly hard & really thought I was going to crumble, especially when my head is telling me 'ah just the one won't hurt' so I re-read the post '[Small Story] The Sméagol and Gollum in me' by Jase which helped heaps - BRILL post there Jase – defiantly me day four & honestly I was HELL to be around so I thought I would spare you guys the earache!

BUT... I got through it && my family have forgiven me for being mean to them :D

So doing well so far - but must not get complacent & remember to carry on working hard.

It’s been strange so far - cravings were much better today although still haven't quite shaken the 'I've lost something' feeling yet. Not sleeping very well also but from looking at other peoples posts this seems to be something that’s fairly normal.

And apart from feeling as though my brain has turned to mush & becoming slightly clumsier the smoke-free lifestyle is going well.

So here we go:

Caroline - Free and Healing for Five Days, 1 Hour and 34 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 8 Hours, by avoiding the use of 101 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £25.33.

Makes me :D

Caroline x

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Well done

Well done getting through those rough days, if you can get through those you will be able to get through the rest. You sound really strong in your quit :)


Thank-you both Trendy & Chrissie for your posts :)

Although today was knida tough in terms of thinking (all I seem to do is think about smoking) my cravings are getting better :)

Will be a full WEEK for me at 20:00pm tomorrow night!

Shall keep you updated.

Caroline x


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