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Still here

Hi everyone.

Just a quick update - I haven't vanished off the face of the earth. Been poorly for the past 2 weeks with a viral infection, but on the mend now although have been told it will be a few weeks until I feel "normal" again. At least I can walk now though. LOL.

Anyway, the demon seems to be throwing everything at me, but I'm pleased to say I'm still a non-smoker, somehow.

Debating whether to stop taking the champix as I've been very weepy lately and not sure if its because I'm unwell or the champix. Any suggestions? If I stopped taking the tablet for a few days but felt I needed to start again, could I do that or would I have to go to the Doctors? I'm only taking one at the moment anyway.

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1 coffee, white, one sugar coming right up:D sorry theres no cake left:)

Glad you are feeling a bit better ....I dont know about the Champix, I would check with Doc first !! Take care and keep up the good work:)


I'm baking tonight :D

Sorry there have been no cakes recently but I was sooooooooooo tired.

Managed to sleep for 5 hours last night though so will make some cakes for everyone.

Carol xx


Hi Trisha :)

Sorry you've been poorly but well done staying quit through it and glad you're feeling better now

The weepynees could just be the quit or the champix or just because you've been ill

I think you should check with your Dr first before you do anything just to set your mind at rest


Marg xx


Hi there Trisha! i would have posted earlier, but i was out getting a new car sorted.

I second the advice about consulting your doctor first though trisha.. despite your last weeks of illness, you should not put your quit in jeopardy until you've at least got daffy docs say so :)

I think you could do it, you probably do too, but no matter what, make sure you set the ground rules first. What you will do if you get a bad craving.. get some fruit in, and spend a few days pampering yourself so you are at your most relaxed too (even if you are recovering from being really ill.

Keep us posted, you've done so damn well, many on here are proud of what you've acheived and you are part of the inspiration that others just starting out can draw from.

Well done.. sorry about your viral illness, hope you get better soon hun.



Thanks for your responses guys. :) You make me smile.

Elliekez: Good memory there, remembering how I like my coffee.

Caz1960: Cake. yum yum, just what I need to build my strength back up. I'm sure the doctor said that as I was poorly I didn't have to share and could have a WHOLE one to myself. hint hint. :p

Marg: Wise words as always.

Chrissie: Its good to be back. Thanks for the hugs, I so like big hugs. Everytime I think of Forrest Gump, thanks to you I chuckle. 6 weeks complete now, don't know how I got here, but all that matters is I have. And yes, I have a GREEN ELEPHANT. Somedays it can be a turtle or a bus, but the elephant has appeared. Woo Hoo.

Jase: Thanks for your words, you should be able to bottle your PMA and sell it as a moisturiser or something so it could rub off on all of us. What type of car did you get, something racey perhaps or were you sensible?


See my latest post in month 2.the one which i started for the 8th week, day 5... i've been sensible, but that car has got some POKE! 2.0 litre 16 valve injection Mondeo Ghia x! Its even got cruise control, air con, and full leather finish inside it.. I LOVE IT! :)!!!!! anyway i've put a picture of one that looks the same as it in my other post but here it is again. (this isn't my reg plate, my one is 2003 not 2005, but the shape and colour are the same)


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