No Smoking Day
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Looks familiar

i know i have been here before, however this time i plan never to return.

really sleepy at the moment, which is fine cause it means i can go to bed earlier and read, so therefore not tempted by demon (never did smoke in bed) oh and didn't have any white wine last night, gonna try and keep that to a minimum for a week or so.

felt fine 1st thing this morning but had a bit of a wobble when i was trying to get on with some work and i was finding it hard so thought i know i'll have a break (fag) and come back to it. so i just went and had a cuppa and did something else on computer and now fine again.

i know that i can do this, i have to do this, i want to do this, i will do this.

Good luck everyone

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That is absolutely the spirit Bev. Forget all thats gone before, forge on with this quit and make it happen.

I wish you the best of luck !



You WILL do it Bev you sound really positive ;)


Bev, seem to've missed you again! Apologies, you must be in day 3 by now, will look for you laters, keep strong and on wards and upwards, each hour is an hour further away from smoking, remember never take another puff!


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