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Sympathy needed!

Now completed 9 days smoke free - so pleased with that :) HOWEVER, on Monday, in a bid to keep busy, I was hosing down my patio and got carried away - SLIPPED down 8 very old stone steps at side of my cottage (yes, they were wet and I was wearing Crocs......) and to cut a long story short, fell top to bottom, ended up at A&E with stitches and a fractured elbow. OUCH. So typing with one (left) hand and feeling very sore all over and more than a bit pissed off :mad: As tempting tho it was on a couple of occasions, did not feel desperate need to have a cigarette, so thats progress! Smoking arm now disabled and strung up!!!!!

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At least smoking arm is out of action and you couldn't use it if you even tried?



Exactly!!!! :cool:



How are your crocs? not scuffed them i hope? :)


but isn't it just typical that you pick up an injury like this now :/

Well, all the more reason to stay quit now i'd say.. you'll stress over the injury alot less if you are not piling on the extra stress that smoking itself would have created anyway.

Sorry about your arm.. i had my arm in plaster from the finger tips to just above the elbow once, and at the time it crippled my normal use of computers.. hated it. Tell you what though? if they put your arm in plaster? how about you put a tally chart on it showing all the days you've quit smoking up to now then add each day on as you go through the next ones? then when folk ask what the tally is for? you can proudly tell them!!

Every cloud has a silver lining. Use all negatives as positives whereever you can. :)


:eek:Oh Agnas that is terrible you poor got through it without smoking..that is fantastic...well done:D


Agnus, sorry to hear youve hurt yourself.

thats not good at all. but now i suppose youve got two good things to look forward to... being smoke free and getting your arm back! :)


Hi Agnas :)

Ouch that sounds really painful and so sorry you fractured your elbow and hurt all over am sending lots of sympathy your way and a very gentle Big Hug

well done not reaching for the fags though

But well done 9 days quit is great keep it going




Big thanku

Big thank :Ds to you all for your lovely messages! xxx


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