Day 48: Lucky Sixes. (6 weeks, 6 days)

Today is my last day in work as i'm off on leave (booked some days off), all next week and the monday after that too.. so that means i have 10 days free :) (liking the idea o' that!!!!!!!!!!)

Well today is also my lucky sixes day too at 6 weeks, 6 days and tomorrow will be my last day for week 7. At 10pm tomorrow night i'll be starting week 8 :cool:

Time seems to have really flown by this last week or so.. and i've had count up the actual number of days as i'd lost track of them. In fact the only time i ever count it up or register it now is when i make a post on this 'ere forum :)

The first week of two on the step 2 14mg patches has gone much better than i expected.. so really confident that i'll be able to step down to the 7mg ones in a little over 1 weeks time.

Not alot to report today, other than that.. no stress whatsoever at work.. and i've got a big pot of Hot Lava Java coffee made just now (strength 6), which the chaps here seem to like, so all is good :)

Anyway.. the sun is still shining outside (just!), so thats a good thing, but its windy too so a bit chilly.. where did summer go? hello????

Hope everyone is well, and keeping their nico-demon in check too. I've taught mine how to play poker now, he's given up trying to convince me to play his games now, so i'm forcing him to play a game i like, only problem is.. i keep fiddling the cards so he gets all the crap ones hehe

Take care all


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  • I'm gonna go hunting for a newer car i think during next week.. its time i replaced my old car (1995 mondeo) with something much newer and with a new type number plate too.

    Here's hoping i get a good one.

    Oooh didn't notice that day 50 thing. :) cool :)

    yeah it was gonna be 1 monday off at first, but the following monday my little 2 year old daughter goes to pre-school for her first day, so going to be around that day just in case.. and to give my fiancé some support too in case she bawls like a baby herself ;)

  • Hi Jase,

    Almost 7 weeks is brilliant. And then the day after that will be 50 days done. Those milestone keep trundling by.:D Enjoy your time off, you've earned it.


  • What about a nice wee sporty number? Maybe a soft top now that you don't need to worry about the wind stopping you getting your fag lit :D

    Carol xxxxxxx

  • Oooh no, a hard roof for me, the more armour the better, just in case i'm ever parked and kids decide to do roof-running along a parked row of cars.. they do.. lord knows why.. but they do :) I got to my car one morning to see a footprint on my roof.. would a soft-top hold their weight? nah :)

    Do they sell sherman tanks still? :)

  • hi jase well done youre doing good. I also have to double think & count up where i am on quit when i come on here tee hee good init that each day goes quicker where at the beginning the first week felt like a month. Not wishing my life away but we must be more relaxed about it now...strong coffee urgh im more a mellow birds person myself:D

    keep going ill be just in front. If i turn the wrong way please remind me the direction. :)

  • Hi Jase :D

    Well done you at the start of week 7 that's great Big Hug

    Enjoy your holiday


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Hey Jase.....good on you thats fantastic:D:DEnjoy your ten days off work and good luck in car shopping!! Cheers Kez.

  • @ Marg:

    :eek: you panicked me there for sec marg, so much so that i looked at my first post in the thread again to check.. no no.. i put the right info PHEW.

    At 10pm tonight i'll have finished my 7th week and then begins 'week 8' :)

    I'm sooooooo losing track of time on this now, but yeah i'm at the end of week 7.. last day of it today. 6 weeks and 7th day today.

    @ Kitkat:

    Yeah its like someone pressed the fast-forward button for us. I'll be there to kick you up the arse if you lose track of where you are ;) Just as you'll no doubt do the same for me hehe

    Hi Jase :D

    Well done you at the start of week 7 that's great Big Hug

    Enjoy your holiday


    Marg xxxxxx

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