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38 days today

Hi all, well 38 days today,and all is well. not saying I have not had a crave or two but I have managed to let them pass.

Still eating healthy, and trying to do as much excerise a I can.

I find my head is clearer ,and I am really enjoying my food.

Just wish it would improve my spelling, but eh we can't have it allways.

Hope everyone feels ok.

Love Joan

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Nicely done. Seems like ages ago now since day 1 i bet? even though you can prob remember the first days like they were only last week :)

The spelling i'm told improves with thyme :) So perhaps add more herbs to your food :)


well done joan, youve done really well. How quick had that time gone, i remember you first starting quit . brilliant & a huge congratulations x


This post must seem like ages ago joan ...

I would say you're doing awesome.. wouldn't you?

Great job!!


Well done Joan your doing fab. Also they say life begins at 40. HEHExxxx


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