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day 3 hits hard!


i started searching for advice today on tips for quitting and came across here...... after looking on some of threads many seem to be handling day 3 really well, and thats great...... i feel like i'm banging my head against the wall though, its really hit me hard today!!!!!

is/has anyone found day 3 a struggle, or am i doomed to fail??!!:confused:

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Hiya Lexy

I'm on day 2 and ready to explode :D

Don't worry it's normal and does get better.

Carol xx


If its some heavy cravings, check out the 3rd link at the bottom of my signature, some good things listed in that.

Tough it out as much as you can, i know where your coming from for this day 3.. i went through quite a bad day 3 and 4, but you'll definitely see that things will improve.

If its not cravings its heavy moods, but both can be controlled if you put your mind to it, and also know when to back down when you feel yourself getting a bit ratty on folk who probably don't deserve it.


hi carol

thanx for the reply. maybe thats just how it goes different days hit different people harder???? i dont know!

i kinda thought the first few would be the same for most people, i managed the first two quite easily but its came back with vengence lol.

good luck tho.x


hi jason,

will have a look thanx, i just cant think straight and feel like i have a brass band inside my head!!!

however two kids and a puppy could be contributing to that as well!!

well done on the 7 weeks!!


What method you using to stop Lexy?

Carol x


Pig of a day......

:mad: I am also on Day 3 and its been a bit of a slog. Day One was horrible, Day 2 slightly europhic cos Day 1 was over, Day 3 reality has set in and I realise its a long old drasg (no pun intended!!!) My resolve is still strong and I am chewing on the Nicorette gum but what I REALLY want is a cigarette :(



See my previous post. My brain is so addled I cant even spell let alone type. Grrrrrr :D


Hi Agnas

You don't really, believe me...............

I stopped a couple of months ago then started again after 28 days stopped........stupid I know!!

The last few weeks I have gone a few days then had one smoked for a few days stopped again and kept repeating this pattern.

I am now using patches and am on day 2 and am not going to smoke again.

You crave a ciggie sooooooo much and when you have it it tastes like crap and then you have to deal with the feelings of failing and it's not worth it.

Hang on in there it gets better and there are lots of people that will help and support you along the way.

Love Carol xx



Bless you for your support!! I am not going to give in and anyway, dont have any cigs in the house nor do i intend getting any!!! My resolve IS still strong but I could do with a break from the little devils in my brain :mad: Still, tomoro is day 4 - I cant believe it. One thing worries me and that's the number of people who seem to have quit and restarted many times. I smoked for donkeys years yet gave up (CT) and didnt smoke for 15+ years. So I know I can do it, I was just deranged after 15 years to think I could handle one weekend of giving in and having 'just a couple'!!! I now know I can NEVER have a cig. So I know I can do it and do it I will.........:D


I agree with that. the attempt to quit i tried before THIS one, i lasted to the end of my day 4.. and by the end of my day 4 i was irate, i was angry, i had let the cravings do a number on me and i am not sure i even tried to fight them.

All i can tell you agnas is that day 3 IS a tricky and heavily challenging day for many folk who are quitting.. i wish i knew what it was about day 3.. but it is more difficult and requires alot of work to get through it.

Day 4 can be the same (see my first paragraph), but that might have just been me.. for me day 4 brought some angry unresolvable moods which i didn't keep in check and i argued with my fiancé in a very unreasonable way.


I prepared for the possibility day 4 would be the same moody day and yeah it kinda was, but not as bad as the other time, i think it may just have been overtiredness mixed in perhaps?

Get through day 3 and see how you go.. you might just get a nice easy day 4, but it settles down quite alot once through it.. and if you ever ask 'is it really worth it?' Take it from me.. YES.. very very much so!!!!!!!!


Good on you :) Wow 15 years that was some quit!

Here's to tomorrow being a better day :D

Carol xx


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