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Day 3 and doing good!

Well I'm on day 3 with the patch and thanks Jase for the advise of where to put them I didn't have the red whelps as bad and itching so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Had an urge driving home alittle but it passed and I walked on the treadmill again last night, set it for a program #3 I thought the machine was going to kill me, had to reduce the speed! Whew :eek:

I feel so much better since I have gotten on that thing which moving it into my bedroom has really helped and motivated me and my daughter to use it.

But I'm just happy to be at day 3 regardless of having to use the patch but one day I will be able to take them off and go CT!

Everyone have a great day!


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Oh well done! Congrats on getting to day 3 :)

Good news about the patch being a bit better for you now too. That tends to get better as you get used to them too.

Stay relaxed, and take each day at a time now.. don't over worry on things.. keep up the determination, and if you do get any moments that you need to post about, just give us a yell.

Good luck .. carry on as you are i'd say!!



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