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Whoopy...Day 2

As strange as it sounds, this is now Day 2 for me, having stubbed my last cig out exactly 24 hours ago! Its not been as hard as I thought, although the last 20 mins have seemed to drag on for ever and I have this panicky feeling deep inside my chest, like I am excited/scared at the same time...not sure what that is all about!:confused:

Been out for 2 walks today round the block at the time when i would have had a ciggie, and feel like I've drunk my own body weight in cranberry juice! :)

The test will be going home tonight, as I live alone, and its normally where I do most of my smoking (in front of the TV!)....any tips!??!:D

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Don't watch TV tonight, lol! Maybe find something else to do for a while, more walking or something to keep you from thinking about it. I'm on day 2 also which with my daughter back in school (senior :() I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can. We both walked on teh treadmill last night, of course not at the same time :D but trying to stay busy!

Good luck you are doing great just find something to keep you busy!



Thanks Mic. Have bought lots of healthy food to cook with tonight, will put some music on, and may go for a walk after dinner...thanks for the advice:)

Hope you have a good evening too


New house rules needed perhaps. Changing what you do night after night helps. breaking the routine is important sometimes.


Congratulations Embo and Mic! :)

It's my day 2 as well. Woohoo! Actually, I had last puff at midnight on Sunday and it is now noon on Tuesday so that is 36 hours - 1/2 way to 72 hours.

What I'm using to distract me is sunflower seeds. I have bags and bags of them just so I don't run out! :D



Hi Embo

I am just lurching through Day 3 ... still hanging on in there. I find this site a huge help in times of weakness and am also reading a really good book which i cant put down, so that helps. Its all about changing your routine I think - doing things differently. I walked past someone puffing in a doorway today and felt obnoxiously superior!!! Then I felt sorry for them, as the truth is they probably dont want to be there at all. We all kid ourselves we like(d) smoking yet most people on closer investigation admit to wanting to stop. I THINK its getting easier now I am on Day 3 - am so determined tho and cant wait until the first week then first month is up. Reading about people giving in and trying to quit time and time again worries me .... I dont want to be like that. Having got to Day 3 I dont want to repeat Days 1 and 2 again! :D



You are doing very well and the determination you have is a very very positive asset to your quit. You are spot on about how you view other smokers right now, we were all there ourselves once, some are just shackled much tighter than others whereas some find their way and get a chance for freedom.

You are on a chance for freedom today, tomorrow and for as long as you keep the one golden rule unbroken. 'You will not smoke, not even one bit of one'. Look after today only and don't worry on the tomorrow's or next week etc.

Also don't worry about other people, keep your own quit in order, and it sounds like you are doing very well so far, so keep it up. You will see some folk slip up on thier quits, but that should not affect yours.. we are all different.

Good luck, keep up the excellent effort you've so far shown, and keep the golden rule alive.



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