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Day 2 - Doing good but coughing alot!


Well I'm on day 2 and doing good! You can totally see exactly wear my patch was because my skin is allergic to adhesive but I don't care if it helps me I will itch and have red whelps everywhere! I put it in a different spot which Jase told me too so we will see if this will help, heck I will try anything.

I find today that I am starting to cough alot, which I know that is part of it but with my past attempts this didn't happen, but...I started to realize from smoking that I was wizzing some and I could tell my lungs were getting affected by me smoking so I knew that it was time to quit and the cost was also getting to me. So I will take the coughing and the red itchy spots to get over this addiction! ;)


Quit 8-24-09


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Coughing is good for you at the moment and if you bring anything up, even better. The more than comes up n out the better all round.

On this quit i've not had that.. had the odd cough, but that didn't occur until my 6th week... v. strange.

I'd be very happy to be having a cough though.

Carry on as you are, but most of all don't worry about little symptoms too much.. its all part of it.

Keep focused on the day in hand.. worry about tomorrow when it becomes the new 'today', and whats past is you won't smoke.


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