Morning All

Good Morning

Fellow Non Smokers hope you are all well thanks for all the support as always, Today is a good day for a change ha :) sun is shining (yes even in Manchester) and i feel loads better today think being of work isn't helping can't wait to get back and get busy again( never thought i would say that )

speak soon everyone have a lovely day :)

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  • Sun? Manchester? Surely not?!!!! Blasphemer!!!!!!!!! :)

    Glad you are well Bradders, and keeping the no-smoking MASSIVE alive :)

    I'm right there with you bro!!! Keep the faith, life is good!!!!!


  • Hi Brian....glad to hear you are feeling better......wanting to go back to work tooo:D It does help to keep busy.....I have achieved more in the last three weeks than I could have possibly imagined....Take care...Kez.xx

  • I woke early one morning,

    The earth lay cool and still

    When suddenly a tiny bird

    Perched on my window sill,

    He sang a song so lovely

    So carefree and so gay,

    That slowly all my troubles

    Began to slip away

    He sang of far off places

    Of laughter and of fun

    It seemed his very trilling

    brought up the morning sun

    I stirred beneath the covers

    Crept slowly out of bed

    Then gently shut the window

    And crushed his fvcking head

    Im not a morning person.

    How very unexpected and how very funny lol...... ehm, welcome to the forum? :confused:;)

  • speak soon everyone have a lovely day :)

    and a lovely day to you ;)

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