No Smoking Day
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Why bother?

This wasn't an easy list to write. Probably the hardest, since I've been going against everything on it for so long now. hmm.. I may add to this.

I want to have kids and live long enough to watch them grow up.

I don't want to feel the tight chest and sickly cough in the mornings.

I've seen what it can do. I don't want that to happen to me.

I nearly kicked the bucket once and I'm only 26. I don't think we get that many chances.

I want to stay with him for as long as I can... (soppy I know!)

I'm being selfish. I have to be.

I've only got one body... need I say more?

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Thats a good list for starters that is! Stick at it, be determined, stubborn, and don't ever listen to the demon if it asks to be fed. Deny it all the way. Try that link in my signature about 19 ways to deal with cravings too, some great tips in there which have helped me quite a bit so far.

I bet you will add to this list over time, the longer you stay quit for, the more you notice as reasons you want to be quit and stay that way.

Good on you for starting, lets make this for keeps.


Thanks Jase... yeah looked at them 19 ways to tackle the cravings. Some pretty useful stuff in there and mentions situations which have led to past failings for me... Will give them a try. :)


Hi Jase

I have just printed off the 19 cravin stopper and am going to stick it on my fridge :D

In fact I might print off some more and stick them all around the house to keep me going through the next few days.


Love Carol xx


Tis true tho, your sat there a big craving comes on, you get all that feeling of weakness about you, and you feel kind of isolated. Even now on mondays mostly just after lunch i get the wildest craving, my stomach churns so it cannot be hunger, the point between my eyebrows seems like a focal point of the craving.. i get all tense, and i find myself sighing like nobodies business :)

I found this list of ways to deal with the cravings quite late in, but i promise you, there is at least 1 item on that list at any given time that will get you through the craving til it fades.

Eventually you won't need to consult the list because there will be things you find you then do automatically from that list which work every time..and you'll be that used to doing it, you will deal with the cravings much easier.

The rest is down to choice. You will not smoke, you cannot smoke. Live your life for a change.. its real nice without the slavery.

You are worth so much more!!


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