No Smoking Day
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Day 1 again: New Resolve

Well, here I go again. This time it is my decision to quit, and not the medical team and close family. I realize this is where I was going wrong.

So far so good. I feel very determined that NO nicotine will enter my system. I can't wait to get to 72 hours. Perhaps, I'll go home sick and sleep for three days? LOL!!!

I actually do feel OK right now but am going to get some sunflower seeds (Those are pretty addictive in their own right).

Have a great day everyone,


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The very best of luck to you, may you find strength wherever you need the extra.

Keep us posted of your travels through this, and no matter what.. do not reach for the crutch no more.

Best of luck.



You betcha. I think having a puff actually made everything worse because I have had no cravings this morning at all.




Hi Kari :D

Good now you're getting somewhere and for the right reasons

You're quitting for you and not because the Doctors and family etc say you should or must even though they had the best of intentions

Yes you're health will improve a lot but now you want to do it for you and that's the difference




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