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No Smoking Day
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Hi everyone, I smoked my last cig about 30 mins ago. When I have tried to quit (unsuccessfully) before, I have found that I can get to a good positive frame of mind when I don't want to smoke, but after a night's sleep it seems very hard to get to that positivity back - is this just me or is it just another way that nicotine works on us? Mornings are my worst time so I have a cunning plan lol - straight out of the door with the dog - also driving was always a time when I tended to smoke a lot - anyone have any tips for diversions (no pun intended)? It's great to find others who are going through the same thing, and I'm so glad I found this forum - hope to hear from you, take care, Jan x

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Loud music in the car and mints.


Radio 4 in the car.. engaging dialogue as boring as it may sound makes the mind think.. and while your mind is thinking on the topics on the radio, its not thinking.. 'ooooh i could just do with a...'

Try to change any routes you walk/drive too.. the less tempting shops you pass the better. if you must pass a shop in a car, make it a shop that has horrid parking so that its not quite as convenient.


Sorry, where are my manners :)....

Welcome to these forums and good luck on your quit, please do ask questions as you go. some folk are a bit more experienced than others on different quit methods being used, but sometimes just encouragement is enough.

Pretty much all of us that post are folk who ALL started on day 1, we know how daunting it is, but try to find all the strength and will power you can, and if that runs out, and you need a bit of moral support, please, please DO yell on here :)


Thanks Jase - I have to drive a lot for my job and have used it an an excuse to smoke before as we obviously can't smoke at work - tomorrow I'm going to thoroughly clean the car and get a smelly tree or similar - will get some mints too lol. Luckily I have a week off work so can busy myself washing curtains etc. and doing those jobs that I have been saving for this time so that I can divert myself and hopefully minimise cravings :)


Those metholated chewing gums are good too. All i can really add extra is that well, we've all really been there at day 1, i know it seems daunting at first, but believe me its worth every bit of effort you throw at it. Theres good and bad times on everyones quit, but now that i'm in my 7th week and folk helped me through the early days, i should also tell you the same as i got told...

stick at it, its well worth the effort and it does get much easier as the weeks go by.


Welcome to the forum, Jan! I so understand what you are saying! Why does the positive frame of mind/attitude just simply vanish the next day??? The answer I believe is the addiction itself...... your body and primitive midbrain screams 'give me my fag!!!'..... most of the time we will give in to that desire......

The way to battle it is with true understanding..... understanding that to quit smoking means to give up nothing and to gain freedom...... freedom from having to get a fix on the hour every hour, every day, every month, every year...... winning the battle takes changing how you view smoking..... reading up on all the suggested websites will help tremendously in this process... good luck, Jan..... push through the hard days, distract yourself any way possible...... you will not regret it!


Hi Jan :D

Well done you deciding to quit day one can be really slow take it hour by hour if you have to and drinking water helps with the craves sounds daft I know but it works

Below is mt standard welcome and advice post which i try and give all new members

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off whyquit.com and woofmang.com Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK




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