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No Smoking Day
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Morning all!! 22 days today

Hi Guys........well here I am after 3 weeks as a non-smoker......another huge 40th birthday party last night......bit of a headache this am........I didnt even miss having a smoke last night......:Dhow good is that???

There were about 6 other people At the party last night that were on Champix ....they all did it together as a group and only have one month to go.....it was great talking to them and they are all doing really well ....so it really reinforced the fact that I can do this:D...I took lots of photos with my new camera and lifes looking pretty good at the moment;)...Take care all.....Cheers Kez.

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Nice one Kez, im a couple of days behind you, and not had the party/alcohol test yet, but really can't see myself ever putting one of them ciggies in my mouth again.

Keep going strong!


Hi Kez :D

Great 22 days well done you

Another party and you didn't even want a smoke that's wonderful

Also glad you were able to reinforce that you can do this when talking to 6 others on champix and doing well

Lots of photos with the camera and life looks good for you I'm so pleased





I cannot recommend talking to those type of folk enough!! They are excellent confidence boosters, and they spur you on even if you are already feeling good during your quit.

same happens for me when i speak to a guy in work who's been quit since may, as i can see a difference even tho its only a 5-6 week gap.

I get the same on these forums when i see folk who are more than a month or two ahead of where i am now.. the only difference is the one you can speak to while passing you can truly see the difference in.

quitting is the best thing any of us could have done, its awesome to see the difference in folk.

I re-read some old posts the other night from some of the folk on here who are now entering thier 2nd month, and the change of their posts is very evident.. more confidence, they see things from a much clearer perspective and are full of hope. Sometimes this is hard to see when you in the very early days, and even though folk are saying.. 'keep going, you can do it', nothing is better than being able to truly see first hand what you are going to feel like if you make that extra effort.

So well done on day 22, it won't be actually that long now until you've gone a full month, this week will fly by, you wait n see :)



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