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21 days

Hi All

Well im now 21 days a day at a time without a cig , or 3 weeks which sounds better , i kinda wobbled a couple of days and my inhaler got some serious sucking:D but still hanging on without a cig , it was a good feeling though at the chemist when the girl said "this is your 4 th week " and handed me my weekly supply of patches and inhaler, its funny there a lot of people give you praise but there's the same amount saying it will not last Mmmm just have to show wont i

all the best


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Hi Rab :D

Great 3 weeks well done you Big Hug for you

You may have had a couple of wobbles but you got through them even if the inhalor took a bit of a hammering :D

Now just prove those doubters wrong


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Rab!

Great to hear from you - and many congratulations on week 3! Soon you will be with the big boys in the One Month folder! How good is that! :D

You do what ever it takes not to have a ciggie - give that inhaler some grief if you need to!

Best wishes


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