Made Day 3.....just

well made it. On the champix, and have to say last night was tough.

Went out to meet some friends and drank some beer. Too much beer really.

Was fine, happy happy, but all of a sudden i felt angry, sorry for my self etc. Had two drunken phone calls falling out with my gf and mum. I was soooo unreasonable. Feel bad today, but still dont fancy smoking. Have quite a bit of making up to do today. Could of done without that!

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  • Hi Knightm :D

    Well done getting through day 3 sorry last night was tough but you got there and that's all that matters take it a day at a time for now

    Also sorry you fell out with your Mum and your GF but they'll understand when you explain why it happened

    Although you fell bad today you don't want a fag and that's all good

    Yes you have some making up to do but hey that can be fun sometimes


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Thankyou.

    Well, its lesson learnt. I am going to stay off the drink for a bit. Turns me into a bit of a Dr Jekyll

    Not smoking, Champix and beer is not a great mix at all

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