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Hi everyone, I've been doing ok recently. I took the kids away for a week, plenty of wine in the evening and hardly any cravings at all. I find that if I go somewhere that I have no association with smoking I am fine, don't even think about it. A couple of friends went outside for a ciggy and I declined, happily.

I came home 3 days ago and I'm struggling again. I stopped taking champix a week ago because I just felt it was making me miserable, so I halved the dose but forgot to take it with me when I went away. I think I might go back on the half dose though. I wish I could do cold turkey but right now I'm having a tough time not buying cigs, so I will put up with feeling a bit low I think otherwise I can see me falling off the wagon.

I hope everyone else is doing better than me :)

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Please don't fall of the wagon whatever you do !! I so envy you being this far quit - I fell off on my attempt and I am psyching myself up for another try ! I have to tell you in absolute truth when I lit up of course I thought to myself oh great back to normality - I so so want this ! - guess what - it is a complete illusion - by the second one I was lighting it out of pure and utter habit - I had ghastly symptoms again because I was putting all the poisons back I had rid myself of - whatever it takes stick with it - I will be chasing you very soon - best of luck - Peta


You've done really well to be in a situation with lots of wine in the evening and not have any cravings.

Things may be tough at the moment but keep reminding yourself how far you've come and the challenges you have already met and you'll do really well.



hang on in there...Please!!!!


Please please hang on in there, You have come so far to give up now. I to am taking Champix and im a week and a half not smoking now. Champix for me has really really helped but no cup of tea... The thing is, you came off them because of how low you have been feeling but did they help you not smoke??? If your going cold turkey, you gonna feel low if not lower.....

Champix for me has been a god send, its helped me (through all its side effects) to finally kick this disgusting and frankly disturbing addiction in to touch. I hate smoking and anything to do with it now though thats not to say i don't miss it at times......... I wouldn't just come of the champix if i was you. Wean of them at least as other wise i have heard this can also make you feel depressed!

Just think 7 more weeks of feeling poo but a whole life time of no more digusting,smelly, tooth rooting, health in dangering, life shortening addictive drug controlling you.......

Sorry to sound harsh but i really don't want you to start again for all the right reason, although i can also understand what your going through on the champix.

Hang on in there, please.......... Chrisps x x x


Could it be the 'got home from holiday blues' too? Noone likes getting back after a nice break away.

Keep strong, yes by all means continue on with the champix, but above all, don't give in to the dark side.

'Once you go down that path... forever will it dominate'


Thanks everyone, you have all helped more than you could realise. I came so close to lighting up today. I found an old pack of fags in a coat pocket as I was going through the cupboard... I did think just the one can't hurt. But I know just one is all it takes and I'll be darned if I am going through this quit for nothing.

I'm going to start back on the champix, you are right, being a bit low on that is no different from how I'm feeling cold turkey. I do know that without the champix I would never have come this far so for me it is worth the bad stuff.

Thanks again everyone, you are stars and because of your help I am happy to say I am still an ex smoker. :D


Hi Msj :D

Sorry you're struggling a bit after your holiday but well done not giving in to it

I think you're wise to start the champix again for a while you're almost on week 4 now just habg in there it really will get easier for you promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxx



Great news - well done you! :D Nearly time to get out of this folder!


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