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Back in week 3

So hi guys, how u all keeping, i decided to keep away for a few day as i and my OH found i was still obsessing bout fags and part of that was that i was here reading and typing about quitting.

I made it into Wk 3 today, which i am quite impressed about, still not finding it easy, in fact as i sit here with a glass i know that if i drink about a bottle of wine and somebody offered me a fag i would have one, however i live inthe middle of nowhere so there is no chance of me popping out to get some.

My main concern now is my up and coming holiday, i go to Greece on Wednesday for 14 days. I know i will be drinking pretty much every night, and there will be lots of people around smoking. i have told my OH that i am going to look at them smugly as i walk past as a "happy" non smoker, however i have also said that i am not going to ruining my, or everybody elses holiday just for the sake of a fag, in that i am still v grumpy with kids etc and if i am even more grumpy on holiday because of all the chances to smoke i will choose to smoke and then quit when i come home again. this is not to say that i am going on holiday with the plan to smoke, just the plan to enjoy my hols.

I have had a quick look at some of the posts done in the last couple of days, and i think it is great that so many of us are here in wk 3 together, and for those who have had to go back to the beginning, i know that feeling and just keep on quitting.

Sorry it's a long one and thanks for been bothered to read it. i find great strength from this forum and ALL of its contributers.

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Hey Bev,

great job making it to week 3!! Just my 2 cents worth...... I would not give myself an out with your vacation.... your brain is going to purposefully make you miserable and upset just so you can smoke (now that you have said it) Our brain works in such strange ways..... you have done the super tough part and in 2 weeks when you are ready to go on your holiday you should easily handle it. Just wanted to say this as I have done the exact thing in the past..... said I want to have a good holiday and used that as a reason to start again..... I smoked for another 2 years before I attempted another quit! Big hug to you.... stay positive, you are doing well!


Congratulations and well done on reaching week 3 smoke free. You should be very proud of yourself.

However you are treading a dangerous path with giving yourself an out for your holiday and smoking. I believe deep down you know you are going to smoke on holiday and already conditioning yourself that is what is going to happen and you will quit again when you come home. If I was a betting man I would bet that is what will happen. I hope you do not see this as an attack. I have been down the same path as you in my previous quit. I am going from my experience of doing the same as your doing now and yes it resulted in me returning to smoking for a further year before attempting again. I am not saying you would fall into this trap, but its there and your setting yourself up for it.

You have to look back over the last 3 weeks and realise how far you have come without smoking. You have lived your life smoke free and done everything you would have done if you were smoking. It proves it does nothing for you.

My advice is to read read read and understand the nicotine trap and how we ourselves make us believe we need to live life with our ciggys at hand to survive. We all make our own excuses but ultimately whatever they are they are all conning us into believing we need ciggys in some form.

I recommend 'Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking' and here are some reviews for it on Amazon.

We are all here for you and want you to suceed. I hope this post helps you.

Take care,



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