No Smoking Day
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Hi all

Hi, just saying hello, and hoping everyone is ok.

I am finding things ok at the moment and not had to bad a day.

A few craves but nothing I can't handle.

I feel like I what to get fit, I have tried to eat healthy these last couple of weeks,as my husband has had to be on a low fat diet with his gall stones I have eat the same as him. tonight in the local newspaper I so an exercise bike adverticed for sale so I am going to look at it tomorrow.

Also trying to do a bit of walking.

Stoping smoking as made me want to get a healthier lifestyle.

Or at 59 do you think i'm mad? anyway I am giving it a try.

Just trying to be positive I suppose.

Anyway I hope everyone is ok.

Love Joanxxxx

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Hi Joan :D

Well done you're doing great Big Hug for you so pleased to hear that everything is fine just now with few craves to get through

No You're not mad at all to want a healtiher live style even if you are 59 what difference does your age make

I'm 66 and while I don't use an exercise bike I walk a lot and dance for exercise and enjoyment

Do what feels right for you and stay positive


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Joan

You go for it hunnie Wish i could but with my angina get a few pains if I do too much.xxxxx


Well done, I had a brutal day yesterday but feel great again today.

Just a thought - and I appreciate it might not be practical, but instead of getting a cycling machine - get an actual bike - they can cost about the same , you don't need to go for the Tour de France bike, I am a mad keen cyclist and if you are riding you see so much rather than moving nowhere. You can see whats down that road you've never been down or go round a park and if you get a real utility bike, like a Dutch type bike, you can go to the shops on it for those small messages.


Hi SM :D

Really pleased to hear you feel better today


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Joan!

So pleased you are still with us - and great to hear about the bike. I hope it's nice! :D

I am 50 and run every day now - I don't care what anyone else thinks of that - I love it and I am loving getting fitter every day!

Go for it Joan!


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