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Hello Day 15!


Flippin' heck - 15. After that first couple of days dragged on beyond a joke, 15 days have rushed by so very quickly. It seems like yesterday - or a year ago - not sure which! :confused:

Today the Champix has bitten back with stomach cramps, but I'm sticking with it for now. I feel great apart from that - absolutely no wish to ever smoke again! Marvellous stuff!

Hubby is on Day 2 and doing so very well - he is actually looking so much better - younger even! maybe I am biased, but the difference is amazing.

So looking forward to spending the extra £200 we will have at the end of the month on something wonderful. :eek::D:rolleyes:

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You're right about the days. I have found that the first few really dragged but before you know it, you're in week one and so on.

Fantastic that your OH is doing well an you're allowed to be biased.

Are you taking 2 tablets a day?

Hope you decide on something really special as your treat. :)

Well, like it or not, smoking is a thing of the past, no more of that rubbish for you two! It was a false crutch anyway, and the longer you both now go, the better you'll both feel. It has so many benefits, and some of them.. alot of fun :o ;) :o ;)

Good to see you got a treat lined up, always helps, i've not done that yet, but good to see you got a focus target in the short term.

So keep this up you two, I love seeing these type of posts.

The only way is up:)

love Chrissie

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh Chrissie!!!!!!!! you've gone and put an old tune in my head now !!!!!!!!!

Now i'll have to sit and watch peppa pig with my daughter to get this music out of my head again :)

arrghl another line from the song.. i need therapy now.


Hi Jase :D

Oh Dear you sound in a bad way there

Would the Birdie song help or maybe YMCA is best for what ails you


Marg xxxxxxxx

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