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Day 28 !!!!

Is here and i feel great ... was so tempted last night .. but resisted the urge ..

cant believe i done 28 days woop woop :eek::eek:

just got off the phone to the NHS stop smoking man and he said thats it .. as far as the NHS is concerned im a NON SMOKER lol .. believe that when the cravings are easier to deal with lol .

so here go Month 2 started ...

to all those beginning or thinking of beginning or have alredy quit .. IF I CAN DO IT ..ANYONE CAN believe in yourself and for everyday you dont smoke .. give yourself a little fist pump or pat on the back .. whatever makes you feel good .

look after yourselves



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Well done you!!! i need a donation of some of the PMA today :), hit a bit of a wall today.

Congrats on 28 days, nice progress that is :)


Hi Dave :D

Great day 28 well done you Big Hug

Well done for resisting that urge last night I know just how hard that can be

Really pleased to hear that you feel great today though keep it going

I'm a little suprised at the NHS stop smoking bloke said that was it as far as he was concerned after just 28 days

All the courses of quitting aids run for 12 weeks after all my no smoking nurse wanted me to carry on going to see her but I stopped after 2 full months as we had a falling out when I found out she was a smoker herself


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Many congratulations Dave - must be nice to hve someone tell you that you have made it! Well done.


sorry to butt in here, but Marg can't believe your nurse was a SMOKER. To sit there and tell you about the benefits of not smoking, etc and they are there to help you. I am gob-smacked! That was all.


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