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Bad idea


Hi guys - back to work today :( I am still a non smoker on day 6 feeling brilliant about it too!!!!!!!

However was out clubbing with some friends on Saturday night and my OH decided he would try and help me - basically his idea was everytime I got a craving for a smoke he went and bought me a shot of some description was funny at the time however I ended up really pist hahaha as you can imangine - I am not a big drinker was a brilliant night though but will not be playing that game again lol :o

How's everyone else getting on???


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Hi Kelu :D

Well done on day 6 big hug for you

Your OH came up with a novel idea to help you beat the craves though


Marg xxxxxxx


Sorry about having to go back to work. :( But glad you feel really good.

It's great that your OH is supporting to you.

I'm doing fine, Day 11 now.

Onwards and upwards. :D


thank you for the hug Marg!!!!

Have to admit my OH is great, patients of a saint and lets me blabber on whenever I need to which really helps!!! Love him to bits!!! :D

Day 11 toptotty check you out!!! :cool: Well done heading for the 2 week mark thats brilliant!!! Have you any treats lined up for yourself!?

Saturday was the hardest day by a mile - reduced me to tears at one point cause I did not want to go out and risk lighting up was a battle going on inside my head and the better (wo)man won ;) I did it and i had a brill night!!! And to be honest having a few drinks really helped the alchohol relaxed me and allowed me to then get my thoughts together!!Big milestone for me so im really happy :D



Congratulations tho! Every day is another day quit, some good days, some bad days, but the main thing is, you stay true to your pact of no smoking.

Good on you! and glad to see your OH supporting you so well.


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