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Day 14 in the No Smoking House

Wow! Been a GREAT weekend!! I'm on day 14 today and feeling on top. Been out the last two nights with friends and have hardly had any urge to smoke. Last night my mate was sitting chain smoking rollies in front of me. It was a weird feeling - I could have so easily picked one up and smoked it, but in the same way that I would have liked to have picked up and eaten a packet of peanuts! I kinda fancied one, but I didn't need one. It was an easy choice and it feels wonderful that I can go out and enjoy myself without needing to smoke. Couldn't believe how bad he smelled afterwards too - it was rank!

So moving on up to week 3 tomorrow. Bring. It. On. :D

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Hi Chris :D

Well done you day 14 that's great

Also out with smoking mates and not tempted that's fantastic


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


It works for me it seems that does too!!.

Staring temptation in the face sometimes helps you realise that you are in control now.

Well done , good to see you are getting on well with this quit now. Gets easier too.

I'm cold turkeying now this weekend after 20 days on 21mg patches.. and so far i'm 1 day, 10 hours in and absolutely fine :)


Jase why didn't you go down in strength on the patches first? i'm planning on doing 3 weeks with 21m atches then 2 weeks 14 and then 2 weeks whatever the lowest strength one is.

Glad you haven't had withdrawal symptoms but i would be too scared of suddenly feeling really shit!


Hi Chris

Day 14 - fantastic stuff - well done you! I know what you mean about the smell of smokers - can you imagine how awful we smelt too? Yukky yuk yuk!:eek:

Meet you in the Week 3 folder! :D


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