No Smoking Day
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end of day 1 (again)

back on the quitting.

have been mentally preparing for today for weeks.

been on champix for about 3 weeks, got my thirtieth birthday out of the way, started running (7 miles the other day) and recruited my best mate, ex smoking partner to a challenge.

the challenge is on.

first to loose is in a world of pain!

heres to day two.

counted amount of times i thought about having a ciggie today and its totalled at 14 - which is alright. champix is working wonders.

here's to day two.



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Hi Bman :D

Welcome back and well done restarting your quit and just starting day 2

You and your mate doing it together should help you both as neither will want to be the first to give in

All the best to you both and keep posting


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Good luck and strength to you, and hope you find the 'early fences' to be easy for you.

Good to have partner in crime quitting too, they help you stay strong, but give encouragement if the other is on a low-ebb or feelin it a bit tho.


hey thanks marg, thanks jase - onto day 2!

feeling good :-)


Hi bman

Hope that day 2 is going well for you, it good that your so positive about your quit, and its great that you've got someone to do the challenge with.

All the best for today



Well done bman :D

Stay strong on day 2!! You're doing great and each day strengthens your resolve no end!!!

See ya on day 3!!


good news bman, well done. You will do it this time, great to see you back mate x


hey kitkat! - yep back and on a mission - guess your still going strong - good on ya!

cheers chris - nearly day three now so just rolling. defo less cravings than yesterday.

thanks debbie - yep were already exchanging a bit of banter - theres gonna be some serious pride at stake for the person that gives in.

hope everyone else on day two has done ok - heres to day 3....


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