No Smoking Day
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Hello Day 12!

Here I am! Wooooo!

Had another good day today - although I have only been awake for half of it! :eek:

I have enjoyed today as I haven't got stressed and haven't faced any new challenges, so I have been chilled all day and not really thought about it.

I'd quite like more days like today please if anyone out there can arrange that I would be very grateful.:D

Have a lovely evening everyone - and here's to Sunday and Day 13!

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Sometimes those sort of days are the best days.

Nothing wrong with sleep either, it all counts. Every hour you spend not smoking is still an hour towards your day.

Glad you had a good day, i've had a good few myself just lately so its nice to see others feeling nice n chilled with thier quit, even if its just a break from the pangs.


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