Day 7

Hi all

Well it will be a week at midnight tonight since i had my last roll up ,todays been a real struggle , ive fancied a fag since the first i got up this morning , i'm beginning to look at all the negative's about giving up smoking , getting angry , being on a short fuse , feet going a hundred mile an hour , etc etc the saving up for another car just does'nt seem important today , my non smoking barometer seem to be swinging the way to smoking , got a night out tonight with next door nieghbours thats just back from Spain the've been away twelve days and dont know ive stopped smoking , i hope they have'nt brought me back tobacco or i will be in trouble , but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

anyway i'm away to take the dogs out and mumble away to myself as O H as went shopping

all the best


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  • Wow, Day 7 is brill Rab!

    Have a look back at your post on day 1 and see how far you've come.

    Fingers crossed for tonight and be strong.

    Let us know how you got on.

  • Hi Rab :)

    Well done on 7 days that's great Big Hug

    The way you're feeling today is normal but I know full well it's not a good feeling

    Get today over and tomorrow you'll feel so much better and so proud that you've done a full week


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Noooooooooooo there is no negatives about giving up smoking, all you are getting here is last ditched attempts by your ex-habit/addiction to perhaps make you reconsider.

    This is a test, one which you are going to pass ok? because tonight at midnight i'll have been quit 3 weeks and you will have been quit 1 week, and i can't drink all that champagne on my own :)

    I know the moodiness is really crap, but all this is going to make your effort to quit stronger next week when you look back on this and think.. wow, i got through that, and look at me now.

    IT DOES GET BETTER ! I know, i'm here now.. and it wasn't long ago i was feeling it as bad as you have described. Your stronger than this stupid addiction, he can pull all the damn rabbits out of the hat as he wants, your not falling for his games ok?!!!!!!!!

  • One whole week

    Hi all

    Well its past midnight and i hav'nt had a fag for ONE WHOLE WEEK:D, not long in from next door , there was a few of us, but only 2 smoked , everytime they nipped out for a fag i could smell them when they came back , is that how we smell to other people :eek: even the O H says the house smells different , i put next weeks tobacco money in a jar with last weeks , only 5 mths 3 weeks to go and i'll be able to buy an old top of the range volvo ;), seriously its been a bit of a struggle and i know it will be an ongoing struggle but im really very chuffed i've got this far so thanks everyone for lifting my head up when it was starting to go down

    All the best


  • Well done Rab and keep going :)

  • Nicely done Rab.

    Yeah you REALLY notice how bad smoke smells after a bit.. we never noticed it when we smoked.. its only now that we seem to .. especially once your sense of smell wakes up too :)

    Keep putting that money in that jar, its good to have targets, and nothing better than a visible one like that.

  • Well done its great to be counting in weeks.

    Week 1 is what some of the American quit sites Hell week, and now you have it out of the way there is no need to repeat it ever again :)

  • Hi Rab :D

    Well done the first week done and dusted Big Hug for you

    I think it's amazing how quickly most of come to hate the smell of smokers yet we all smelt just like it arghhhhhh


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Fantastic. Pleased you're night went well. See you in week 1. :D

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