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still here day 5

Hi All

Well im still here on mid way through day 5 , not using the inhaler so much , although you've got your old smoking places , ex - sitting with my laptop and a cup of coffee i have to use the inhaler because i still think about a cig infact last night i used a lighter to light OH candles and must have put it in my pocket, first thing this morning i nearly lit my inhaler just automaticlly with out thinking :eek: still its only day 5 and cant expect years ofsmoking habits to vanish , anyway a way to take the dogs out

Thanks everybody


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Hi there Rab,

Day 5 is fantastic - you really are over the worst. At least you know now that you CAN survive a day without a fag. Keep taking it a day at a time and when then demon nico-monster raises its ugly head and tries to persuade you that you need a ciggie just tell it to p*ss off and leave you alone:D:D

As for re-training your brain - that really is the key now to breaking the habit. You have to 'unlearn' the habit of smoking - and that can take around 6 weeks usually - be patient, it is SO worth it - YOU are so worth it!

Good luck - keep posting



Yup well done Rab and keep going!

I'm finding week 2 a lot easier than week one so far (fingers crossed) so a few more days and you'll be flying



Well done Rab...............hang on in there.

I find walking the dog a big help..................I used to leave the kids to walk her but when I'm feeling really bad it's good to get out in the fresh air and let the demons blow away.

Do what ever you have to do .....................just dont give in :)

Carol xx


Hi Rab :D

Well done day 5 is great Big Hug

Glad you didn't light that inhaler of yours by mistake sorry had to smile at that oh alright then more of a big grin

Keep going you can do this for good


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Rab

Great news - well done on Day 5!

I bet the dogs won't know what's hit them soon as you will have so much more energy!

The lighting the inhaler incident made me laugh! I had visions of you with melting plastic dripping off the inhaler! :D

Hey - "be careful out there"!:D


Rab, to remind myself how far you've come on this one, i re-read your day 1 post and this definitely makes me see just how far you've come with this so far.

Well done on day 5 here.. no other way to say it. You've done brilliantly so far, and isn't it nice to know your not alone with what you are doing here.. we're all in this to get this sorted.

Your dogs will love the extra walking soon, but more importantly as you get less worn out due to extra lung capacity, you will be able to run with them more and wear them out too :)

Congrats m8y, and we will DEFINITELY see you in day 6.


Well done Rab, glad you made it to day 5.

Like everyone else I'm afraid I laughed out loud at your 'first thing this morning i nearly lit my inhaler just automaticlly with out thinking' remark! I think we've all done daft things like that! ;)

Let's hope we all get here same time tomorrow ~xXx~


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