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Well im here day 4

Hi all

well the start of day 4 was'nt the greatest , i got all tensed up for some reason or other , so the inhaler got it big style, kept myself busy and it passed , met some friends who cant believe ive stopped but all gave me incoaurgement , any time im like that i just think of that old volvo im going to buy in 6mnths:) and that seems to pull me through hope everyone else is ok

all the best


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Hi Rab

Might be worth identifying what set you off, so you know to be aware of it in the future. Find it helps for me, in bad situations taking a deep breath, probably substituting that huge lung full of smoke, has a calming influence for some strange reason - can't think why lol!!



Great to see you here, in the 4-7, and before you know it you'll be at a week :D

Glad to hear friends are giving you support it can make all the difference.

So your aiming for a car, thats good, i am buying myself constent little treats, like i got myself a bracelet yesterday.

Today i choose not to smoke.



I am not sure what it is on day 4... a little bit happens on day 3 as well but day 4 is a snappy day for quite many i've noticed. My danger day was day 4.. i knew it was coming, and prepared myself for it thank god.

Its like the demon/monster/nico-beast (i'll just call him GIT), is giving you a hard time, stamping its feet, upsetting your wellbeing to try to make you give in.. tries its best. Makes you mis-hear what people are saying, lowers your patience.. makes you mad.

Staring it right in the face and being tough to it by being stubborn and not budging an inch however is the best thing you can do.

I've had a few moments like that since one of them being last night on day 17, but that had other causes and my defenses were tested good n proper but i'm still smoke free.. and i'm sure you'll cope just nicely too.

The main thing is.. no matter how bad things get.. or seem.. you are being subjected to an illusion created by lets face it.. an addiction. You can't build something into your life like smoking and not have your body complain a bit once its not there i guess. Just got to seriously tough it out and come out the winner.



Hi Rab :D

Well done day 4 is great over half way through the first week

Sorry today started on a down but pleased your friends are supporting you


Marg xxxxxxxx



how right you are!!

I am on my 4th day as a non smoker and have experienced so much of what you have really has not been a good day today.

It kinda of justifys my behaviour today.

Grumpy Heather


hi rab

well done for doing 4 days, its does get better .. when i think back to first week it kind of felt forever, but time kind of goes quicker the more you get into the quit.. im on 4 weeks & 2 days already & i cant believe it at times x a big welcome & good luck keep posting x:)


Indeed, i'm still only a fledgling quitter here too, in week 3, but i remember my first week clearly. It does get easier to deal with as the days go by, in fact i found the second week to be much easier.. it was week 3 for me that didn't start as good as i'd planned, but as it turns out after discussion with my OH about last night that she was very tired and extremely irritable.. and tonight we went and watched that new harry potter film (half blood prince), which i promised i'd take her to see. I ended up quite enjoying it even though its meant for a slightly younger audience. :) we've seen them all so far :)

So last night aside I've had the odd powerful craving, but rode through them.. and whatever you are experiencing now, it will ease, if you allow it to.. but as said in another recent post in week 1, just don't get complacent later on. Just be on your guard against the 'illusion' that makes you convinced that just one won't harm. Its never just one.. i know from my own failed attempts that just one is a lie, and its often many more than one if you told the truth.

Keep focused on your goal as much as possible this week, learn from day 4.. and gain the strength of knowing just how irrational it can make you feel if you let it have control the way it wants (craving).. then when you see/feel the sign of a craving like that coming on, get your mind distracted, or focus on something to take your mind off it, or if it does take a bit of a control of you.. just tough your way through it.. it subsides soon enough. It gives in in the end.


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