No Smoking Day
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Day 9

Hi all, well got to another day with no mishaps, not to say I have not been tempted craving come and go, I think mine are worse in the morning when I have been up for half an hour. I always seem to have a bit of anxitey in the morning, I have been put on tablets to help with this but still get it.

As the day goes on I don't seem to be to bad with the craving.

But the least bit of stress all I want is a cig, but managed to cope so far.

I do want to succeed this time. I am putting the money that I would have spent on cigs away and I am suprised how much I have saved so far.

I keep telling myself it will get easier and I know it will.

So onward and upward for us all.

Love Joanxxx

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well done Joan!

Another day down. Keep going and I'm sure it'll definitely get easier for both of us (or so they tell me!) We are reversing years of behaviour after all, so we have to re-programme our minds when it comes to dealing with stress etc but "all" we need to do is not light up and we'll get there



Hi Joan :D

Well done you day 9 almost into double figure milestone already big hug

Keep it going it can only get better for you Promise

Yes "they" do say it gets better and it does because if it didn't I for one wouldn't be where I am now


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Well done Joan hun.

Day nine things will get better the longer you go honest keep going babe your almost two weeks in now you have done the hardest part. xxxxxx


Go Joan!

Yeah - Day 9! Fantastic stuff.

I like WriterChris's words about reprogramming, being "in" IT I can relate to that. Probelms is figuring out what stupid language they used to write the programme in the first place! :D

Ten tomorrow Joan - that's double figures! Yeah! Another excuse to celebrate - break out the chocolate caramels! :D:D:D

Keep up the great work.


Well Done!

Well done Joan on getting through Day 9!

I've just got back from my first night out - surrounded by smokers. I survived! I'll feel stronger for my victory and I'm hoping that my Day 9 will go as well as yours has.

Keep going and we'll all make it!



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