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From High to Low!!!!

Hi all,

Well im on day18 of champix and day 8 of not smoking.

First of all, thank you soooo much for all the support that you all have given me so far, This forum really is my only main source of support on a day today basis. My partner is very impatient and loses interest very easily and so life here after 8 days is kinda how it always is, the problem is im more snappy, sensitive than normal and so means we are having more 'moments' shall i say. I keep saying 'hello, quitting smoking over here!?!?!' but its easily forgotten!

The last two days have been hard, Sat night, im so used to a bottle of wine, and smokes with a film or something but having not drunk much either since being on the champix it was far from a eventful sat night!! Infact there are somedays that i just wish the evening away so i can go to sleep and wake up starting a new day! Today, i just feel like i could pick one up and smoke it!! I don't know why, maybe cos of bickering with the OH but its so far from how i have been feeling all week. I hope it won't last.

I also have a 2 hour car journey to make today and thats also a strange one as im used to lighting up while driving to encourage the journey along!! I keep feeling disappointed that i won't be doing that today!! Im sure it will be fine once im doing it...........

I hope and wish you are all doing really well today both in spirit and not smoking!! Im defo having a downer day!!! BUMMER!!!!

Big love all

Chrisps x x x x

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hi Crisps,

Sorry to hear you are having such a bad day. I am so sorry to hear that your OH is not supporting you, there was a thread yesterday by writerchris in which his girlfriend joined in, maybe you could get your OH to have a look at that?

We all get snappy at times and i think we just have to get through that bit sometimes by gritting teeth, or maybe doing something that normally relaxes, bath perhaps?

I have had nights where i couldn't beleive it was only 8pm and was waiting and counting the hours till i could go to bed, this will pass.

The car journey could be difficult, i always try and think of the positives of not smoking in car. car will not smell like a cig forever, don't have overflowing ashtray. don't have to worry about ash falling and burning bits of car or me.

You have done so well so far and you don't want to do the last 8 days again:eek:

If you get chance before your journey do some reading of the links, and keep your chin up we are all rooting for you.

Let us know how it goes.


Good luck this really does pass

If you haven't had the chance to read this yet I would, it's been a real help.

I would say that I have been feeling very blue, not all the time but also as though something was missing. What is missing are the constant highs and lows, the ruddy relief felt after sucking down a ciggie (especially after a flight or another period of time when you couldn't) also the edgy low that began about 20 minutes after finishing the last one - and looking for the next available opportunity for one.

You are beginning a period of readjustment, it does get better, it will get easier.


Thank you all..........

Cheers guys, I know what you all saying is true and i feel it. I know i won't actually smoke anything as i don't wanna feel the guilt i would feel toward myself and i know that will be far greater than the feeling i have now for a cig!!

Never the less being grumpy and snappy i can't shake today!! It seems i just upset my poor mum.....she phoned me upset about something but i ended up making her cry!! Oh god!!! I love her soooooo much but there are things i would normally not say but alas today i kinda slipped out!! I feel bloody awful now. I know what i said was the truth but perhaps it did not come out in the most tactful way.......... I now feel i want a smoke even more.......

Its so true, when you feel like s*@t all you attract is S@*T!!!!!!

Thanks guys Chrisps x x x:(:(:(


Hi Chrisps :D

So sorry you feel down today but you're on day 8 and that's great Big Hug

The way you're feeling is normal for now but it passes fairly quickly so just hang in there it does get so much better

I hope tomorrow is much better for you and don't worry about upsetting your Mum why not ring her and say sorry for snapping at her it will make you feel better promise


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


The best thing you can do is think to yourself 'Today is shit, but smoking isn't going to help the situation, it will still be there if I start smoking'.

That's what I say to myself - once the current problem blows over you will be proud of yourself that you didn't give in to the monster.

Best of luck. You can beat this. :)


I am feeling your pain

Hi Crisps,

I know what you mean about being moody and especially about just wanting to go to sleep in the evening and wake up and start a new day. I guess it is just part of the process even though it completey sucks!

And I too was used to the bottle of wine with smokes to relax! It is hard but we have to continually "relearn" how to relax, how to stress, how to spend our free time, etc.

Good are doing wonderful and keep your chin up!


Quit 7 :Quit June 22 09:Mom of 4

Method: nic gum


This forum seems pretty good for support from others tho. Nice idea!

The moods pass, just helps you appreciate the nicer moments where you get that feeling of achievement at having come this far.

I've had a few days of 'urrrrgh' in the last 2 weeks, but nothing compared to the first 3-4 days of it.

Chin up, keep yourself focused on this, the 'high' will come back, just distract yourself from the 'low' and know that this feeling right now will pass.. it just will, and you can always have a rant on here by the look of it and no-one will shoot you for it.


Hi Jase :D

You're right no one on here gets shot for having a rant

It happens to most of us sometimes and a good rant really helps


Marg xxxxxxx


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