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Hi Guys

Well it's 7.30am and I've not been to bed yet!!! Thanks for all your words of encouragement.

Haven't had a ciggie but feeling really down............just keep bursting into tears don't know whether it is the champix that is making me feel so down or this is just a normal feeling of the quit. It's really scaring me as I try to be a positive person and can normally get myself out of it quite quickly if I am down but this just won't lift. I'm hoping this is just my brain missing the ciggies and not the champix.

Anyway I am going off to bed to try and get some sleep and hopefully will be feeling better when I get up.

Thanks guys.

Love Carol xxx

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You are doing brilliant

Hi Caz i think it is a normal part of the quitting. If you read through the posts you will see a lot of people go through it, think they call it the grieving process. I was on Champix and thought it was that but when i read on here I saw people who went CT or used NRT were going through the same. Hope you managed to get some sleep ;)



Hope you manage to gets loads of sleep, things always feel brighter after that. This day will be better than yesterday because i say so and what i say goes:rolleyes: thats what i tell my kids anyway.

If you need a shoulder to cry on just let me know.

I am going out today to spend spend spend with my eldest (10 year old girl) she needs shoes and loads of summer holiday clothes so hoping this will take my mind off smoking.


a work in progress


Hi Carol :D

Sorry you feel so down just now and not sleeping either doesn't help at all but it's not the champix causing it as Mel says it seems to affect lots of us no matter what we use to help us or not and is like a grieving process but it will pass soon now

Also being emotional and crying is absolutely normal for us and it to will pass

But Hey it's now tomorrow and you'ce been quit for 1 whole MONTH well done I'm proud of you, sure it's been hard for you at times but you did it


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Yep I'm still here

Well done Caz i think your in month 1 now arn't you. Thats great:D

I havn't been able to get here much recently, sorry about that but the big fella has plenty of Positive Mental attitude to go round, so come on girls have some of mine.

This is just a flying visit today for me but wanted to make sure everyone is feeling just as positive as I am. I think i'm in month two now although not sure, although I'm not really sure where my head and my a**e should be at the moment. Never mind still here, still really strong and day 29 without evil weed. Feel brilliant.

Gary - Free and Healing for Twenty Nine Days, 19 Hours and 13 Minutes.:D

Chrissie...........You can rely on some of us...............:confused:



Hi Gary :D

Good to hear from you again and well done you on 29 days that's great Big Hug for you

Even if you're not sure where your head and your a**e should be right now doesn't matter you're still smoke free and that's what matters just now


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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