No Smoking Day
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Snappy, Snappy very Snappy!!!

Hi All,

it's been a strange day today, I woke this morning from having had a very vivid dream that i was offered a cig and took it and smoked some as if it was second nature but quickly realized that

i did not smoke and handed it back. In my dream i felt awful, really disappointed with myself for putting nicotine in my system that i worked so hard to get out!!!! Upon waking it was hard to shake the feeling of guilt for some reason!

A few times today i have had a few knee jerk reactions to nip out for one and then realizing i don't smoke! I guess we all have more off days, i feel very lucky so far that the champix has made it fairly easy for me! I have found that ive had a few dreams in relation to smoking and while awake a few times i found myself mesmerized by others puffing away, not in a longing for one way just a strange kind of trying to figure out how i feel about smokers kinda away, i guess its my way of processing and reprogramming who i am now as a non smoker!! I don't know if this making any sense to any one but it is good to get it out!!!

Have felt less tired today but have also felt a little more irritated by people, i manage a shop and was closing up (way after closing time!) when a lady came running up shouting "oh! "oh!" "i just missed you, oh" "do you sell sugilite???" I corrected her way pronunciation and said yes we do, she then asked how much they are.. i said well there's lots there i really couldn't say, it would be best for you to pop in when we are open. She then started to demand "well a bull park figure???" By which point Im starting to think, come on lady, its not my fault you missed us being open (irritation rising!) and to be fair i could of given her the info she wanted but i didn't just because she annoyed me so much...I just snapped at her saying "im sorry i don't know how much they are, maybe come back!?!?! i am defo more accommodating than that normally!!! So, sorry miss's Sugilite lady!!!!!!! Im kind of glad no one has pushed me to much at work as i am feeling i could snap quite badly.... here's hoping no one will (only one day left and Im off for 10 days!!!)

God, i hope you don't all think bad of me now, its the withdraw i promise!!!!!

Well, heres to 1 week today not having smoked (apart from in my dreams)........

Take Care, Big love

Chrisps x x x

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Well done

You have being a non smoker for a whole week and you havn't killed anyone yet, well u r getting away with it easy. Most of us feel really wound up with people at some point. So i think you have done really well, and as for the Sugilite lady i think she got off pretty mildly.

As for the dreams, not had them myself but know lots of people have so just hang in there and this too will pass.

Think bad of you? you need to read some more posts and see what some others get up to round here;) we will only ever be proud of you.


Mum of 3 wonderful girls who i want to see grow up


Hi Chrisps :D

Those smoking dreams can be the very devil and play havoc with our feelings sometimes but they will settle a pass

But sorry your day was a bit rough for you but you're doing fine and already the first week is done just hang in there and soon you'll find you have far more good days than bad ones


Marg xxxxxxx


Only had the 1 dream (in week 2) where i found myself having a smoke .. seemed soooo real.. and the feeling of being gutted was right there, while i was dreaming and when i woke up.. only to be replaced by relief once i realised it was all a dream.

Nicotine. Hmmm. they can stick it. I'm using patches atm which yes, is still nicotine at this moment, but its a weaning process now, and the lack of sleep, the lucid dreams.. the mood swings..the drumming of fingers as you wonder what do do with those moments.. they pass.

Just gotta stick with it, you've come this far, so well done!


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