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No Smoking Day
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Hello Day 4!

Here I am! That's a lot of folders to get through it what seems like a short space of time.

I'll be here a while, so you'll have to put up with my short, but sometimes brilliant posts once a day. The rest you can read in my Diary of Another Champix Quitter in the Day 1 forum.

Day 4 has been good to me - I hope day 5 is as nice. I like my new found life. I don't sniff all the time, I don't cough, and my discovery of the day - my eye's are white! Well, they're blue actually, but the bit around that - it's not yellowy - it's white.

Strange that.

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Hi Coaltyt :D

I'm glad day 4 has been good for you keep going

So the white bit of your eye is really white, you're not sniffing or coughing

You're already finding some of the benefits of quitting and there are loads more still to come for you


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hey Coaltyt

Well done on the quit. I've found that it really does get easier over time, and also some benefits:

-My eyes are also extremely white comparing to before

-I had a pain in the top of my left knee, not anymore I don't! (blood circulation i think)

-skin feels better

-I feel fitter, respirotary feels better

-I feel stronger! And my muscles are more defined?

Infact I think all of them are to do with blood circulation lol, more oxygen getting to vital organs.

Did you have eye bags whilst you smoked? With proper sleep they'll slowly reduce i've noticed ¬_¬

It really does pay off seeing the benefits, makes me not want to smoke. Ever.



Hey Coaltyt,

Congrats on 4 days!!! This new life is awesome isn't it!!! I noticed the white eyes too - my other half said they looked 'spritely' and my skin has a flush to it. I love being a non smoker!!!

Keep going and well done!!



Hi Coaltyt,

Congratulations 5 days today well done.



Hi Chris :D

Well done you on day 4 glad you're already noticing the benefit of quitting keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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