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first cold


Got my first cold since quitting, Mark has had two since he quit and seemed to recover a lot quicker than when he smoked. This time he decided to give it to me aswell (how kind). I am a bit run down at the moment anyway so thats prob why I caught it as I dont usually get colds etc. Will be interesting to see how quickly I recover as usually I have a cough for weeks and weeks after the cold has gone. :rolleyes:

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Hi Mel,

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, hope you feel better soon.

I promise to send you that message soon ,don't want you to think I don't care.

Love Gaynor xx

Hi Mel :D

Sorry to hear you're poorly with a cold just now and hope you feel better soon

Any colds I've had since I quit have been over quickly


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Gaynor and Marg, thinking of giving this cold back to Mark cos Im bored of it already, its more exciting when he has it as it is Man Flu and is very serious when I have it is just a cold aparently it is just a sniffle sob :mad:

Check it out ladies,

Man flu is real, a little more sympathy would be appreciated ;)

Hi EndsNow :D

An interesting read so OK I will try [no promises] to be more sympathetic to the men in my family when they get a cold/man flu from now on


Marg xxxxxxxxx

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