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no smoking - day 1


Hi all...

Sorry Ive not been on in a few days but I sure wanted/needed to touch base today. Its day 13 on the champix and day 1 without cigs. Havent smoked since 9pm last night. Last night was ok and Im sure the day will be ok as Im at work and dont smoke during those hours anyway. My concern is the evening..when I first get home up until about 9. Those 3-4 hours is the toughest time for me. But..I WILL SUCCEED :D

Any thoughts about how I can make the evening a lil more bearable besides eating the house would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks xx

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Hi Monalisa :D

On your first day without the fags well done

As for your concern about this evening keep busy doesn't matter what you do keeping the mind occupied and the hands if possible will really help

If you do get a crave drink water [Ok I know it sounds daft] but it really helps also fruit juice is good and both will help push those toxins out of your body making it easier for the healing to begin


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Marg

Was hoping to hear from you today.. Im feeling very hopful and upbeat. Have been reading the online book on the whyquit site which is really helping me with the psychological aspect. I visualise the broken up cigarette and pieces of tobacco and think how can that have any power over me....sounds daft but it helps me keep it in perspective...

The water is a good idea.. Need to take up a new hobby to keep my hands busy...


Hi Mona Lisa :D

I'm pleased to hear you feel upbeat today well done

As to keeping the jands busy I had some knitting and a puzzle book which really helps me at the start

Glad you're finding that on line book helpful as well

I'm usually around mornings and evenings but not much afternoons and tomorrow I'm out all day but may get chance to come on here really early before I go out


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Monalisa

Like you I quit day 13 champix and like you I found the evenings the worst...still do :) I used to finish my meal and immediately have a whenever I have finished eating I get up and go and tidy up the kitchen and just keep myself busy..........the craving passes quite quickly.

I am 17 days today smoke free and have found that I do have willpower :)

I still miss my fag after my meal but it is a bearable miss and before I know it it's bedtime and I've got through another evening.

I have used Marg's tip and drunk lots of water and that does help.

Good luck and stick with CAN do it :)

Carol xxx


i like to get in a hot relaxing bath, this has no assoications with smoking and when i get out i put on my PJ's and just try and relax. if i am in my pj's i cannot go out and buy cigs and then bedtime and it is tomorrow already!

Keep it up, i am choosing not to smoke today.

Hi Carol..

Thanks for the support and the words of experience... Its always nice to hear how others have dealt with and made it through the things that you may find the most difficult. Im always amazed at the people on here and the number of years and fags per day smoked and the fact that with will power...desire and support (and in my case they are being successful.



Yes me too.............don't think I could have done this without this place and champix :D

My internet has been down for the last couple of days so I haven't been able to get on here and I have found it really hard. When times get tough someone always comes along and helps you out :)

I aimed for moving into the next block..........days 4-7, week 2 etc. Never thought on day 1 I would make it to week 3 but here I am and it's a lovely feeling!!! Before you know it you will be here too.

Carol xxx

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